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   Chapter 49 The beginning of the end

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"Father we have to save Giselle...only the spirits of Serena knows what Arinze might have done to them by now...I just hope he never catches up with them." Janelle told her parents where they were tied up in the dungeon. They couldn't free themselves with their powers because Omar had their chains made out of a piece of the crimson stone. They were just helpless and it hurt them to the core.

"It's all my's all my fault all this is happening. I couldn't see the evil in Omar and I...I tried to force my daughter on an evil Prince...I hope Giselle ever forgives me." The king said in a broken heart as he was all teary.

"We all make mistakes your's not really your fault but all of us...You just did what you thought was best for Giselle...I wonder how she's doing now...Has she given birth already? Do I have a new grandson or is it granddaughter? I hope she's safe wherever she is...."

"Oh she's in trouble alright..." Omar magically appeared in front of them cutting the queen in on her talk and making her almost jerk backward on her knees.

"You monster! Just let me loose then you'll see what I do to you." The king challenged him.

"Oh don't worry, you'll surely get your chance to act up your majesty as soon as I'm done with all my plans...just as soon as I get my full a good royal family while I'm away...and oh....I'll have to kill Giselle to get what I want..."

"Don't you dare touch my daughter you animal..." the king yelled to Omar as Omar laughed an evil laugh and magically disappeared.


Giselle laid on some knitted blanket that Aidan had laid down for her and she groaned in pains. The baby was fast coming forth and this was not really the time, the were in a time of crisis and there was no midwife around to help her give birth.

"Giselle...Giselle you'll be alright, do not'll be fine." Aidan told her in a shaky and confused voice as he stroked her hair and tried to pat her at the same time. She gritted her teeth in pain as she groaned in sweat. Aidan stood for a moment and squatted back to her.

"I'll look for a midwife..." He said and tried to quickly walk out of the cave but she held his hand.

"Aidan...Aidan I...I can feel that...that I don't have much time left before the baby's here...please help me, don't leave me...You can...can help me give birth instead..."

"I...I can't...I don't know how. I can't...I really can't..."

"Aidan!" She called him to snap him out of his panicking zone.

"Please...just be there, help me." She told him and all he could do was stare at her for a moment then slowly nodded and his wife held his hands as she pushed harder even if they could here the steps and the closer the voices of the soldiers. She decided to take her mind off all that and just save her baby even...even if it means her death.


"Keep searching soldiers...make sure Aidan doesn't get fact bring him to me if you catch him...he's mine to take care of." Arinze commanded his soldiers as he sat on his horse while they searched the whole forest. He remembered seeing Aidan run with Giselle but all of a sudden he lost track of them. The trees in the forest were so bulky with broad trunks and stems. The leaves were inevitably green that someone putting on a green clothe can easily be mistaken as part of the forest if hidden in the right position.


Aidan couldn't stop the smile that slowly grew on his face as he set his eyes on his new born daughter covered with blood in his arms crying. His heart had increased it's rapid pace and his heart was also filled with joy at seeing his own flesh and blood finally brought into this world. He quickly wrapped her with a thick clothe to prevent the cold from getting to her.

"Giselle...Giselle look...we now have a daughter...we're finally parents." He said as he brought their baby closer to Giselle. He kissed Giselle on her forehead. Giselle managed to give him a weak but warm smile on her pale face. She was already very weak as a result that she lost so much blood while giving birth to her daughter and everything was kind of blur to her. She slowly managed to gather her strength and touch her daughter's small hand as she was already quiet now from crying. Yes, she did it. She brought her daughter into this world.

"She's beautiful, isn't she?" Aidan asked her and Giselle gave a weak nod.

"Yes she is...She's our daughter...what...What do you want to name her Aidan?" She asked him, he stared at her for a moment then answered.

"Purri...which means beauty in Serena's language...just like you." He told her and then kissed the back of her hand. Giselle could feel the pains beginning to act up in her. She groaned, she had to talk now.

"Aidan I...I know you'll be a great father to Purri...I trust you...Arinze would be here in any minute and...and you have to protect our daughter at any cost...You have to go and...and leave me here...I can't make it anymore." She told him but he kept on shaking his head.

" can you expect me to leave you here? If I'm leaving them we're all leaving together." Aidan told her, "Please my daughter...our daughter...if Arinze catches her...He won't spare her life...please go..." She told him in a weak voice and sleepy eyes. He was quiet for a minute but then he came closer and embraced her in a warm hug.

"I promise you I'm going to come back and save you...just remain safe and alive

me and took one last look at her daughter in Aidan's arms before she gave up and her hand slowly fell to the ground.

"No...No...GISELLE!" Aidan shouted at the top of his voice that it's echo could be heard from across the forest.



"Daddy let's go...come on...let's play." A young brunette girl said as she dragged her father's hand all the way to the park after they came out of the car.

"Okay...Okay...fine let's go." He said and lifted her into his arms and walked all the way to the park before he brought her down as soon as she saw the playing ground. She ran off, "Purri..." He called her and she stopped and turned to him.

"Be careful." He told her with a smile and she nodded before running off to join her mates.

He stood there admiring and watching his daughter play. She has become his everything, he would leave everything just to be with her, just to keep her safe. It was a sunny day but that did not stop the wind from giving everyone chills each time it passed once in a while. The grass was soft and safe for the children to play in and that's why he trusted Phoenix central park.

"Aidan." He heard his name and then he turned in the direction of where his name was called from. He saw the king standing underneath a tree for shade and he was putting on ordinary clothes just to appear like a normal human being. He walked up to the king.

"It's nice to see you again your majesty." Aidan said and bowed his head for a moment.

" is you and Purri doing?"

"We're doing fine...She's moving well even without...without Giselle beside us." Aidan said that last part hurtfully.

"Aidan I...I understand your reason when you came back to the palace and told us you wanted to leave for the human world and live like a human with Purri forever...I know you just wanted to protect Purri from everything Giselle had gone through but...but remember you and Purri are still from our world and Giselle's blood runs through her veins....sooner or later Purri's going to grow up and she also possess our powers...She has never met any of us and her aunt and grandmother really miss her...You have to understand that she's our young Giselle." The king told him, "I know all that...Giselle sacrificed herself just to save everyone including the people of was also her sole wish to take Purri away from all these keep her safe...I know someday Purri will find out about everything but until that day...I'm going to keep her safe and happy." Aidan told the king and the king just stood staring at Purri playing happily. He decided to give up and let Aidan have his way. They Sid their goodbyes and the king left.

Aidan stood there staring at his daughter then turned his eyes to another direction...He saw a blurred reflection of Giselle under another tree. She was smiling and waving a final goodbye to him, he smiled back to her as he watched her slowly varnish. He turned back to Purri with a new found happiness and he smiled because he believed things were going to get better. They were finally going to begin a new life together. They were going to live.

The End.....

Oh, oh wait...let's know what also happened to Janelle. Well, she finally met her match. The Prince of Germnsworth and her met on tournaments on which all royalties from around the world were invited to. It was love at first sight and after five months they finally got married. Happy to announce that she's married with a son now and she's living happily ever after and never forgetting to own it all to her sister who had paved a way for her happiness and finally...THE END

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