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   Chapter 48 Getting caught in

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"I want every guard standing right here to keep track and vigilant as we go behind those waterfalls...kill Aidan if he proves stubborn, if he's caught instead bring him to me, i'll kill him with my own hands instead...remember the princess is mine."

"Yes your highness." The large army of Farnsworth answered in a chorus and a loud voice that someone inside the palace could feel the echo of their voices. Arinze had one last smirk at his success so far as he stood in front of the large army in the palace compound and Omar watched him from the balcony of the king's office. Arinze took one last look at Omar who stared back at him then Arinze got on his horse and rode out of the palace grounds with the army following behind him. After they were gone, Omar walked back into the office and paced slowly to and fro for a moment before turning and walking out of the office.

"Aidan...Aidan, Aidan..." a tall young slim boy of about the age sixteen ran quickly through the market road towards Aidan's shop. He stopped in front of Aidan panting.

"What's wrong Jone?" Aidan asked him as soon as he saw him. After the boy was able to catch his breath for a moment then he spoke.

"The...I...I saw the army from Farnsworth march out of the palace...a friend...a friend of mine working in the palace told me that...that Prince Arinze has find out where you're hiding with princess Giselle...they're heading there right this minute as I speak." The boy finally finished. Aidan stood frozen for a minute assessing all what was

ediately exclaimed and turned to face her, he rolled his eyes down to her thighs and saw what she meant.

"Aidan...Aidan I'm scared." She said in a whisper and he could see the fear that swept up her face. He came closer and brought her into a hug.

"Don't worry...we can do this." Aidan told her, their moment was broken up when they heard the sound of whinning horses and the stomping feet of a large marching soldiers.

"We have to go." Aidan told her and then quickly zipped the bag, he swung it over his shoulders and took a hold of her hand.

"Has the pains started?" He asked her, she shook her head.

"I think I can bear it for sometime." She told him and he nodded and they sneaked out through the back door. They ran as fast as they could and of course slowed down a moment or two because of Giselle. They could hear the soldiers getting closer to them. Aidan noticed that Giselle was in pain and he found a hiding spot in a small cave corner in the forest and they settled there for her to rest.

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