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   Chapter 47 Regime

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 3244

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"Are you very sure the guards have searched every nook and corner of Serena...Serena is a vast kingdom if I may remind you..."

"I know Serena is a vast kingdom...Giselle where in the world are you?" Arinze muttered between his teeth as he cut Omar in. Omar stared at him loathsome, he was angry at the fact as to how Arinze could talk to him with no respect.

"I do not understand why in the world you still chase after Giselle...she's carrying another man's child and...She doesn't love you..."

"And that's why I want her...She has to pay for the humiliation I went through..."

"Oh come on Arinze, I'm not like the rest who can't see your real motive..." Omar said as he walked towards Arinze from the other end of the table where a large map was placed in the small white lighted room.

"I know you still love her...even if she bores another man's child...You rather keep her under your wings than let her be with another're just jealous, that's al

r the small shaped figure on the map and to reveal a kind of blurred figure of moving people.Arinze stopped talking when he took a closer look at the figures in the blurred image.

"Giselle!? She's...Aidan!?" He exclaimed angrily as he saw Aidan with her enclosing her tightly in a hug. He saw how happy they were and it angered him to the bone. He was here suffering and having one check of a time moving on whereas they were over there happily. He even noticed the fact that her belly was now out.

"Well there you have your monster behind the waterfalls...go get them tiger." Omar told angry Arinze with a smirk on the corner of his lips.

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