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Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 5173

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"Aidan leave that and come to bed already." Giselle called unto Aidan who seems to still be working hard on making some shoes. Well ever since they got here, he had to do something to cater for his new family. He would go into the forest and hunt for an animal with a rare skin type good enough for hides. After that, he would skin them and make them into good affordable shoes and sell it in the market in the nearby village but he was careful not to get too noticed. It was at the market he heard some horrible news, he can't seem to get it off his mind. Nevertheless, he wasn't about to bother his pregnant wife with this news. As he slid under the bed spread on the bed, close to Giselle, he kept debating on whether to tell her or not. She rested her back on his chest and brought his arms around her. She just loved it when they cuddled together, besides that's the only way she could fall asleep, in his arms. He soothed her belly as she shut her eyes then spoke.

"You shouldn't work too hard Aidan...I'm scared you might harm yourself." She said in a whisper, "I...I won't."

"Aidan." She called him all of a sudden.

"Have you heard anything about my family...surely there must be gossips at the you think they're okay?" She asked him all concerned. He was silent for sometime before speaking up.

"I...I...Giselle I go to the market to sell not to...not to listen to people gossip." He snapped at her unknowingly, she slowly fluttered her eyes and then turned to him.

" there something wrong...did I ask anyt

der invasion and that her family is being held captive at the moment. He just couldn't have her worry at the moment, she was very delicate to him at this point in her pregnancy. He couldn't risk losing her. He knew that if he told her the truth then she would insist on they going back to the capital and her having to face Arinze and Omar at the very earliest. He never imagined once that Omar was that evil and he has been scheming for the longest time on how to throne himself. The opportunity finally presented itself to him with the help of Arinze. Arinze has been blinded with so much anger because of his blind love that he can't see that he's directly heading for a cliff. He was hurting people and he didn't know that. No...He just cannot tell Giselle. She has to be safe, for herself, for their baby and also for him. He can't possibly push her into the fire. He was going to try and find a way to find out about what much more was going on in the palace. If possible, he has to save her family and by doing so, save her.

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