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   Chapter 45 Passing by

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 4618

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:17

"Are you sure you've searched every corner of Serena and you still couldn't find them?" Arinze asked one of his soldiers as he walked down the hall way.

"No, your highness but we'll keep searching and we're going to tell you right away when we find them."

"That's good...You must find Giselle and Aidan even if it takes forever, I want to see them again." The Prince told them and they took a quick bow then he went into the king's office.

"So...did they find them?" Omar asked him as he approached him.

"Not this time are his majesty and his family?" Arinze asked as he walked towards a figure and soon he stood in front of him. He bent and took off the small piece of cloth that was used to tie his mouth.

"You ingrate! Don't you dare harm my daughter Giselle." The king warned him as he squatted there panting. Arinze had a grin on his face as he flashed back on how they got to this point.


It was a rainy night and the royalties of Serena were not expecting an invasion, at least not by this time of the night. Arinze finally thought things over and decided to lend a helping hand to Omar, after all he was going to kind of benefit from all this. Serena deserved to pay for the embarrassment that he went through. Arinze gathered troops from Farnsworth and marched towards Serena. They was a lot of fighting but with the help of Omar, he

"You'll never find her and she can never be yours because it's Aidan whom she loves..." Janelle yelled to him.

"Oh really!? I wonder if she'll still choose that good-for-nothing when she finds out about the condition in which her family is...let me just get my hands on them...I am going to make sure I kill Aidan right in front of her and crush his bones to piece while she watches." Arinze said with a grin on his face.

"You've become a monster...You're no longer the same Arinze I knew and grew up with." Janelle said in a calmer voice, Arinze bent to her and got a hold on her hair.

"You should blame your sister...She made me the monster I am today...I loved her but she gave me heartache and shame in return so now I'll make sure she married me after Aidan is dead and gone...I'll make her life a living hell." Arinze told her then let go of her hair, he stood up and walked out of the room with Omar.

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