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   Chapter 44 Dream wedding

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One month later

Giselle was picking up some flowers in front of the waterfall when Aidan held her behind. She turned to him and saw this beaming smile in his eyes. He stared back at her and they just stood speechless, all of a sudden he turned and walked out on her. She was surprised, why would he just do that to her? Did she do something wrong? Demanding some answers she quickly followed behind him as she called out his name but he didn't stop nor turned.

"Aidan...Aidan what's wrong with you...Why are you walking out on me...please slow down..." She chatted on as she watched her steps while following him. Finally he stopped and stepped aside, she finally rose her head to take a look at what behold in front of her. It was marvellous, the arrangement, the chandelier the trees. The grass beneath her was neatly cut, in front of her stood a huge sculptured tree bark which formed a kind of arc holding a sparkling chandelier, she wasn't even sure if it was exactly it but she didn't care, the whole set up looked great and she felt hot tears boiling within her. The roses set up was beautiful, they were rare roses. She could swear she had never seen one so colourful and beautiful all at once. The petals were like rainbows. Each petal had a beautiful different colour and surprisingly it looked really great in bunch.

"Look down." Aidan told her, she smiled and wondered what more surprise could he have for her now. She pushed her hair behind her ear and slowly looked down. She saw some part of the grass were cut while some weren't and that was only on the path she threaded on. She took a step backward as she slowly took a look at what it said.

"Will you marry me?"

She gasped covering her mouth with both of her hands. He was asking her to marry him. He had used the lawned grass to propose to her and at the end of a question he left a rose. She went ahead and picked up the rose and smelt it. She smelt nice, a tear rolle

lked up to her, he helped her bring it down.

"I thought I told you not to carry such heavy you want to harm yourself and our baby?" He said as he soothed her already protruded belly. She was now eight months down in her pregnancy, you could now tell by looking at her without asking that she was pregnant. Her greatest joy was that in a month's time, she'll be holding her own child in her arms. She'll become a mother. She smiled each time she thought about it. She took hold of Aidan's hand.

"Oh my husband you worry too much...I have to do something to help you out...Look, your hands are already rough as it is." She told him as she stared at his hand. He slowly took it away from her hold.

"This is nothing, it's always like that with men...real men who work..."

"Aidan I know you work so hard for me and our child...for our family but please keep yourself safe for me...if you get hurt, I'll also be hurt." She told him and he couldn't help but smile. She brought her into his arms for a hug.

"I'm not going to get hurt, okay? I'll always love you and I'll always be right here." He whispered to her in her ear and she slowly nodded.

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