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   Chapter 43 Safe at last

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 6245

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:16

Giselle felt comfortable and warm. She slowly fluttered her eyes open, she rolled her eyes around to screen the environment where she was in. She found out that she was in the arms of Aidan. He was asleep, they seemed to be in some kind of small room or she could say cottage. She slowly got up and got on her feet, she could feel the strain of energy in her arms. It hurt for a minute but then suddenly disappeared. She walked towards the door, opened it and walked out. As soon as she was standing outside the hut-like building, she gasped. What behold in front of her was magnificent. A beautiful waterfall was just right in front of her and the most amazing part of it is that different colours of flowers with nice scented petals grew on the rock. The air smelt fresh and little butterfly-like creatures flew around creating beautiful harmony of music with their buzz. In all her life, she had never seen such beautiful tiny creatures. They brought peace to her soul with the buzzing which sounded like songs with no lyrics. The amazing part of this waterfall was that the water was crystal blue in colour and you can see half-way right through the water. One of butterfly-like creatures flew right in front of her and she couldn't help stretching out her hand to touch it slowly. She finally did and it rested on top of her index finger. She stared at it as she smiled, amazed at so much Serena had. She felt a hand slide on her waist. She smiled, she knew who it was. He kissed the nape of her neck as he held her closer.

''They're called Seons....there's a myth about their existence.'' Aidan whispered to her. She chuckled, ''Seons...why does everything in Serena has to be have a myth behind it...although they are beautiful creatures deed.'' She let it fly off her finger. She turned to Aidan.

''I admit that here is truely beautiful, the air is nice, the w

ared at him with daring eyes.

"You see, I want Serena and you want Giselle...if we work together, you'll be surprised at so much we will achieve during that period."

"Why I'm I not baffled at you...maybe because...I always knew there was something stirring about you...You would betray your own king?" Arinze asked him daring to hear his answers.

"The truth Prince is that...I've always wanted Serena and if I become king then I can help in your quest in finding the princess...."

"I do not need your I'm I even sure you wouldn't betray me just like what you're doing right now to your king?"

"Yours is a different case...I only betray when I need something in return...I'm sure you wouldn't want Giselle to end up happily with Aidan..." Omar came closer to whisper something to him.

"Just imagine how happy she is with Aidan...they are lying right out on the grass, staring into each other's eyes like the world was in it...they're holding hands, smiling...knowing yes, they've made a fool out of you...they won...Aidan won over you..." Omar walked past him leaving him swelling with anger. He stopped for a moment and spoke.

"I expect I'll be waiting for your reply...You know where to find me...Prince Arinze."

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