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   Chapter 42 Consequences

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 1865

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:16

''Aidan he's right behind us!" Giselle yelled to Aidan. Aidan continued controlling the horses with the rope. Each time he looked back, Arinze was getting closer. He took a look at Giselle and saw she was getting scared. He took hold of her hand and drew her closer. She held on tightly.

''Don't worry...we're going to be fine...we're not going to be separated again.'' Aidan told her, she had tears in her eyes and she just nodded and held on tightly to his hand.

''Giselle!'' Arinze called her from behind but Aidan held on tightly to her. He wasn't ab

their path and froze the hoofs of their horses. Out of annoyance, Arinze rose up the spear to shoot but a huge wall of ice was created to block their path and he was left to shout out in frustration. Giselle was done and she felt like the entire bone in her body was broken. She slowly fainted, landing in Aidan's arms.

''Giselle...Giselle...'' he called out to her.

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