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   Chapter 41 Surprise

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Updated: 2018-01-02 15:15

I cannot believe I've gone so far in this story...I feel happy anytime I find out that people are actually reading my story...I thank all my readers...I hope you continue to read on till the end and don't forget to show your votes and comments. ..thanks.

She gasped. The sight of the person in front of her left her speechless. He smiled to her.

''Ai...Aidan?'' She managed to speak out as she was still in shock. He smiled to her as he stepped in and sat down beside her.

''Wh-what...what are you doing here?'' She asked him, ''Stopping you from making the mistake of your life...'' he told her then he unveiled her to see her clearly.

''If ever I wanted to see you all dressed up and looking beautiful...I want to see you with a smile on your face...I'm not going to let you marry another man, especially if it's someone I know will definately hurt you...''

''Aidan we talked about this already...''

''No...what we talked about was you breaking up with me which I won't allow...we never talked about you marrying another man...Giselle I love you....I told you I could bear the cross didn't I? Why did you agree to marry him just to release me...''

''Aidan I had don't expect me to sit still and watch you suffer till death.'' Giselle told him as she took hold of his hand

dding, on the person' s foot but a different dress. He couldn't see the face. Reality dawned on him who it actually was.

''Give me that.'' He quickly collected the spear weapon from one of the guards.

''Giselle!'' He shouted at the top of his voice then aimed the spear at the wagon as it tried to ride faster. He fired and a missile looking magic came out and headed quickly at the wagon. Aidan turned the direction of the wagon leaving the magic to hit a tree.

''Get me my horse!" Arinze commanded the guard as he panted and the guard nodded.

''Arinze...Arinze let them go and let's talk things out at home.'' His father told him, he shook his head then got on his horse.

''I never lose...if she can't be mine then no other man will ever live to take her.'' He told them cold bloodedly with every trace of seriousness. He rode off with some guards.

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