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   Chapter 39 Hurting

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 2923

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:14

Giselle sat on the floor at the corner of her room as she buried her face in her palms. She wept bitterly nonstop and no matter how much she tried to forget the look on Aidan's face when she broke up with him, she just couldn't. It hurt so much in her heart. She missed him dearly and would do anything to get a glimpse of him now. She wondered how he was fairing, was he okay? Had he finally moved on from her, has he forgotten her? Was it really easy for him to move on? Which state is he in now? So many questions danced around her head.

Her wedding was tomorrow and the more she thought about it, the more she cried. Arinze suggested they speed up the wedding preparations and set a closer date before her pregnancy starts to show and as usual, she was left to nod her head whether she liked it or not. There was a knock on her door and Giselle quickly wiped her face to

.you're so sweet. Thank you for the thought but at this point I have no hope...I've already given up, I'm just going with the flow. I'll just accept anything that happens to me...I accepted the fact that I'm not meant for love...I'll just accept everything...maybe someday I'll smile again....don't worry about me. You should worry about getting back your voice and that means no stressing yourself, okay.'' Giselle told her as she tried to smile and be brave at the same time. Janelle smiled too and put her arms around her sister's neck and brought her into a close and warm hug.

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