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   Chapter 37 Unbelievable truth

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 2179

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:13

Janelle knocked on the door of her father's office and she was let in. As soon as she stepped in, she almost stumbled off her feet at the sight of seeing Omar with her father. She could already feel the chocking thought of it. It just made her so sad that she's not able to tell her family about the evil persona in their midst. They had to talk, eat and dine with their enemy.

''Janelle are you okay?'' The king asked as he approached her and helpes her stand properly on her feet. He walked her to a comfortable couch beside his table. Omar just stood there glaring with a smirk on his lips. She could feel her heart beating with fear as she glared

urprise. Suddenly she was talking again.

''Oh yes...I forgot to mention that you can only speak when I let's a spell. I casted a spell on you so you wouldn't be able to go telling everyone about me.''

''You're really unspeakable...why are you doing this to me, to my family.'' She asked as she stood up.

''I'm sorry princess but it's nothing's just pure...what's that word again...ahahh...Politics...

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