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   Chapter 36 Comforting

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 1995

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:13

Giselle sat in the midst of the garden on a two seat swing. She just stared helplessly into space. She was so lost in her thoughts. She could still remember Aidan's surprised and pleading reaction when she turned him down. Each time she closed her eyes, she saw that very disappointing look on his face. She just prayed and hope someday he'll understand the fact that all this was for his own good. She had to let him go so he could stay alive. She'll rather prefer he's far away and healthy than to be close to her and lose his life. She couldn't help but weep at the thought of all that. She was

d it out.

''I'm're sorry? You know what's not your fault actually because Aidan and I knew we wouldn't be able to lie forever so sooner or later...father would have still found out...I'm just glad you decided to tell me the truth.'' Giselle said and hugged her sister who hugged her back. Giselle was glad to have a sister who could comfort her and she could talk to.

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