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   Chapter 35 Difficult decision

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 4291

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:12

''Father I was told you wanted to see me.'' Giselle said as soon as she walked into her father's office. The king turned to her and nodded as he motioned to her to have a seat. She did instantly, he came and stood in front of her.

''Prince Arinze is becoming restless waiting for your decision...Giselle you know the longer you prolong your decision, the harder it is for do you really want him to go through that much suffering?'' The king asked her, tears gathered her eyes as she bent her head, she slowly raised her head to meet her father's.

''I love Aidan very much and I don't derive pleasure in seeing him suffer because of me...I...I've made a decision...I'll marry Arinze on the terms that you let Aidan go unharmed, you give him back his freedom and life.''

''That's good...Giselle not only you will benefit from this...even the whole kingdom'll see Giselle...everything is going to turn out okay and you'll end up thanking me.'' The king told her, she sniffed.

''I don't think I'll ever thank you for selling my happiness....can I please talk to Aidan for one last time...I just want to say goodbye.'' She pleaded to him and after a moment of silence he nodded.

''Guards!'' He called out to them standing outside his office door. They ca

ld her, she wept more then turned and pushed him away.

''Aidan just go! Leave me alone...I'll soon marry Arinze and give Arinze's name to our child so please go...please for your own sake...GO!" She yelled as she wept.

''Giselle please....''

''Okay that's it...time's up.'' The king said as he came in with the guards.

''Take him away...out of the palace.'' He ordered the guards.

''No...Giselle please...don't do this.'' He told her as he struggled between the guards grip. They finally got him and dragged him out of the room. Giselle slowly squatted right there as she wept bitterly. Her father came closer and attempted to pat her back but she pushed his hand away and ran to her room as she wept.

Thanks to all readers that have reached up to this extent...I hole you pardon my errors and look out for the future chapters...thanks.

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