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   Chapter 33 The truth is stuck

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 3274

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:11

Janelle slowly fluttered her eyes open as she laid on the bed. Everything was blurr at first but finally it all cleared up. She saw her mother sitting on the bed beside her and her father pacing to and fro in front of the bed.

''Janelle...oh my goodness Janelle...are you okay?" Her mother asked as soon as she noticed that Janelle was awake. Her father turned to her, ''What happened Janelle...what happened to you inside Giselle's room...why were you both unconscious?'' Her father asked all at once. Janelle opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out except the air. She tried again but nothing, her voice refused to resurface. She started making gestures as she held her neck, trying once again to speak but all in vain.

''Janelle what's wrong...what...what's happening...what happened to your voice?'' The queen asked wearily, she even became more scared with her daughter's gestures.

''Your majesty...your majesty, do something please...Janelle what's wrong with

asked worried, the queen nodded as she wiped her tears. Giselle relaxed more as she placed both of her hands on her stomach then she remembered.

''My baby...what of my baby...''

''Your baby's fine...what happened to you and Janelle?''

''I think Janelle is the best position to answer that because I'm just as confused as you are.'' Giselle told her mother, suddenly she started crying all over again.

''I don't think Giselle can say anything to anyone.''

''But why?"

''She suddenly and mysteriously lost her voice...when she woke up this morning, she just couldn't speak anymore...her voice is gone.'' The queen sobered.


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