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   Chapter 32 Special meetings

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 6932

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:11

As soon as Arinze stepped out of Giselle's room, he met Janelle's questioning look.

''Do you really have to go that low...really? Threatening Giselle to marry you?"

''Is it a habit already to eavesdrop or you just started it?" He asked her, she chuckled as she shook her head then took steps closer to him.

''Why are you doing this? Why are forcing someone else to love you when...when I'm right here Arinze...I'm more than ready to marry you...what do you really want in Giselle. She already disappointed you, everyone by already sleeping and getting pregnant with another man...what's so special about Giselle that everyone just can't leave...we're exactly look alikes Arinze.''

''It's just in the face but not in the can never take her place in my heart.'' With that he stormed away down the hall. Janelle stood there fumming furiously at what Arinze said to her. She could feel her blood boil and her hands turned red with anger as her powers flowed to and fro in her blood. She wanted to burst out. She turned and stormed into Giselle's room. Giselle immediately stood up from the bed at seeing her and the look on her face.

''Janelle you can't just...''

''Shut up! It's always been you...Giselle this, Giselle that...ever since you came here, I've become second to you but I was the one...I've always worked hard to be the perfect daughter but you even at your mistakes, you're still the perfect daughter to father and mother...what's different about us...we look exactly alike but why...why are you the only one that has it all...'' as Janelle spoke furiously the weather began to change, everywhere became windy, the clouds turned pale and darker clouds clouded the lighter one. Janelle tightened her fists and Giselle could see a red shinning colour twitch in her fist as the wind slowly raised her off the ground and she just floated in the air as well as her hair.

''Why do you have it all...a man who loves you, father and mother, the entire kingdom and even Arinze whom you don't love is stupidly fighting for you....what about me...w

er're still a young woman....'

''It's been you all...all this've my head?" Janelle asked still surprised at the whole thing. How could it be her father's adviser.

'Yes...yes it's been me...I realized it would be easier to trick you into destroying everyone since you had so much hatred in your heart...what other way than to use the very princess of Serena...'

''Why!?" Janelle screamed at the top of her voice.

'That's left for you to find out later when all this is over.' Omar told her, ''I'm not going to let you succeed with whatsoever you're planning...I'll let everyone know the evil in you.'' Janelle said and tried to run out of the room.

'Not so fast princess...'' Omar said as he magically took hold of her neck raising her up into the air with her struggling to be free.

''Giselle, Janelle what's going on in there?" The king's voice asked from outside the door as Janelle still struggled to get free from Omar's grip and Giselle laid on the floor unconscious. As soon as the door finally opened, Omar magically disappeared from the mirror leaving Janelle to fall to the floor unconscious and in the process broke the mirror. The king and queen including the guards came into the room and found both Janelle and Giselle lying unconscious on the floor and the room was a mess, tge mirrors broken, vases thrown on the floor.

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