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   Chapter 31 Meetings

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 7366

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''Sheloy.'' The queen called the doctor as she spotted her walking down the hallway. Sheloy turned then walked up to the queen, she took a light bow as soon as she was in front of the queen.

''I just wanted to find out something...exactly far off my daughter in her pregnancy?'' The queen asked her.

''About...about a month your highness.''

''A month? Look...I just want you to keep this...this revelation about Giselle' s pregnancy a secret from the public...I hope I won't here some questioning from the public or else I'll hold you responsible...I hope I'm understood?'' The queen told her firmly and Sheloy nodded agreeing and the took a bow then left.

''Really mother...just really?'' Janelle asked as she walked up to her mother from where she hid behind a corner listening to the whole conversation.

''Your're going to hide the truth about Giselle's infidelity from the whole kindom? She's supposed to be punished for bringing shame to our family...''

''Be quiet Janelle...everyone leave us for a moment.'' She commanded the two maids and two guards behind her and the retreated after taking a bow.

''Don't talk about your sister like that...yes she disappointed us, disappointed me but she's still my child and your sister and all I want is the best for her.......''

''Giselle. Giselle.'s always about Giselle even when she opened her legs for a man that's not even her husband, she's still your favorite...mother, mother what about me? Don't I matter? Doesn't anyone care about me? You don't even know what I'm going through or whether I'm alright...mother I'm the one who's been here all this while, all these years it's me but when Giselle came along, you forgot me...'' Janelle started as tears gathered her eyes, her mother came closer and took hold of her hand as tears gathered her eyes as well.

''I never forgot you can I forget my own child? It's just that Giselle has been away from us for more than twenty-one you know how it feels for.a mother to be away from her child for that long? So please Janelle be patient with me and try to get along with your sister...both of you are precious to me, you're both

..and even Aidan....''

''You don't know what's best for me nor Aidan...''

''But I know that Aidan's life depend on your decision.'' He said and walked past her.

''What talking about?" She asked him as she slowly placed both of her hands on her stomach.

''If you refuse to marry me...he'll be prosecuted with the crime of bewitching the princess then his head will be cut off publicly but...but if you go ahead and marry me, denounce him as your baby's father and announce me as his real father then he'll be set free to go back to his's your decision that his life depends on.'' Arinze said then walked out of the room leaving poundering Giselle. She slowly had her seat on the bed. What was happening to her, her life? Is this how it really feels like to be royalty? So much pressure, decisions are taken for you, you have no say in anything that concerns your life. You're just like a living zombie. How could Arinze demand such a thing from her. He doesn't even care if she doesn't truely love him or that she's pregnant with another man's child. He just wants to have his way and be the winner at the end of all this. 'Can I really be happy at last?' She couldn't help but ask herself this question.

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