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   Chapter 30 Couldn't take it.

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 4415

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:10

''Her highness is pregnant.''

''What?" The queen asked surprised.

''That can't daughter is a virgin.'' The queen argued, ''Are you trying to tell me that my fiancee-to-be is pregnant with another man's child?'' Prince Arinze asked her angrily.

''I'm sorry your highness but that's the result...'' Sheloy tried to defend herself.

''Do you know the consequences of what you're saying...this is equal to blasphemy and you can be hanged for it...'' the king said, ''Father...mother...'' Giselle suddenly called their attention. With her head bent and tears rolling down her cheeks she started.

''I'm sorry...I...I'm no longer a virgin. ..I just love Aidan too much...I'm sorry mother, father...'' she appologised as she wept.

''That beast!" Arinze yelled angrily and stormed out of the room. Both her parents stayed quietly. Her father took one look at her as he shook his head then left the room.

''Mother...mother I'm sorry...I...'' she tried to take hold of her mom's hand but the queen slowly drew her hand away and stood up slowly without taking one look at her daughter. She walked out of the room. Janelle came closer.

''I always knew you were a big disappointment from the beginning but they never believed you've proven it yourself.'' She said then walked out of the room. Steph

the cost of ruining her life, her image...why did you do that to her? The stain you've left on her will never go away no matter what...the whole kingdom will talk about her and call her an immoral princess...fingers would be pointed at her for a long that what you really call love?" The king asked him, ''I may not be wealthy....I may just be...a common butcher who dared to fall in love with the princess...but the truth is that I love your daughter...I love Giselle very much and believe me I never intended to hurt her...if you'll just give me a chance...I'll take care of Giselle and our child with my life...''

''You do not know what you're talking about...All you're after is the name. I can never allow Giselle be with you even if you had five children with her and you were the last man standing...never!'' The king then turned and stormed out of the room.

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