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   Chapter 29 News!!!

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 4248

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:09

''Your highness are you sure you're okay? You look kind of pale.'' Stephanie asked wearily as she watcher her mistress standing in front of the huge tall mirror in her closet. Giselle was already dressed for her engagement. She had no choice...she had to go through with everything if she wanted Aidan to be free. Her father had promised her that he would release Aidan and forget about the whole phase if she just goes ahead and marry prince Arinze...of course she loves Aidan and does not want to give him up but this was for his own. She could just see down and watch him suffer anymore because of her. So, even with a heavy heart, she has decided to do this tonight and it seems no amount of make up that has been plastered on her face seems to hide her distress.

''I'm fine...let's go.'' Giselle told Steph as she turned to walk towards the door. She felt her head spin a bit and she lost her balance as she almost fell but Steph quickly caught her.

''Your highness are you sure you're're scarring me.'' Steph told Giselle as Giselle herself brought her hand to rub her temple after getting back her balance.

''No...I told you I'm okay and besides. ...the more I try to delay everything, the harder things will be for Aidan and I cannot do that to h

m sorry your's's just that the princess told me not to bother you...please forgive me your highness...''

''Forgive you for what...'' they all turned to Giselle who just regained unconsciousness.

''Giselle!? How are you feeling?'' Her mother quickly ran to her and sat down on on the bed beside her daughter as she took her hand in hers.

''I'm...I'm fine I guess...what happened?'' Giselle asked surprised at seeing her mother, father, Steph and even prince Arinze and Janelle as well in her room.

''You fainted Sheloy, tell me...what is wrong with my daughter?'' The king asked the doctor whose apparently is Sheloy.

''Well your majesty from all the information I've gotten and my observations, I finally know what's wrong...'' everyone looked at her expectantly.

''Her highness is pregnant.''

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