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   Chapter 28 Prejudice 2

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Updated: 2018-01-02 15:09

''Are you okay, your highness?" Steph asked Giselle as she rested on the bathroom door and waited patiently for Giselle who was in.

Giselle bent over the toilet as she vomited everything she thought she had in her. She could feel every part of her go numb. She felt like every part of her body was inwardly shaking. She thought it was possible all this was happening to her since she refused to eat a last night and spent the entire night crying her eyes out. Her head was pounding heavily and her legs couldn't carry her anymore but she managed to gather the little strength she had and flushed the toilet before she stood up. She rinsed her mouth then unlocked the door before coming out and headed straight to the bed as she ignore Steph's worried face. Giselle laid on the bed as she wrapped herself together with her soft duvet.

''Your highness I'm worried for don't look good ad it's because you're refusing to eat anything. I'll get you your food...''

''Don't...don't...Aidan...I'm sure he has not eaten...I wonder how he's doing...are they

ed up to him with surprise.

''Well so long as you promise me that Giselle will be mine...then there will be no war or problem.'' The young prince said.

''You have nothing to daughter is a good girl...besides how did you find out?" The king asked curiously.

''People do gossip forgetting the walls have engagement with Giselle will still push through no matter what.''

''You don't have to worry and besides Aidan is being punished right now...we're trying to make him renounce his love for her so that the public doesn't find out.''

''I better make sure that this situation doesn't get out of hand...i'm not going to give up on Giselle...i cannot be the loser.''

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