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   Chapter 27 Prejudice

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 4012

Updated: 2018-01-02 15:08

''Where's he?'' The king asked his royal adviser as they walked down the corridor stairs leading to an underground chamber of the palace.

''He's in the underground chamber your highness just like you ordered...the guards are just waiting for your go ahead order.'' Omar told him and the king nodded as they stood in front of the a huge metal door with a guard guarding it. As soon as the guard saw him, he gave a respectful bow and gave way for the king to get in. Omar opened the door and the king walked in followed behind him, Omar. The room was dim lit dark and hardly any windows were spotted, just a ray of light beaming in through a small shutter window at a corner on the wall and two guards were waiting on standby. The king walked up to Aidan who's hands were raised up and tied on opposite ends as he was made to stand as well. His shirt was taken off already and he was only putting on his trouser. He had his face bent down but slowly raised it as the king approached him.

''How dare dare you try to destroy my family?'' The king asked him in an angry tone after much hesitation as he stood in front of Aidan. Aidan remained silent.

''What gave you the audacity...I tried

this wiped off the smirk of the guard's face and his face turned red with anger as he fumed with anger and got ready with the whip.

''When i'm done with'll not be able to recognize yourself.'' The guard told him and raised his hand with the long whip and whipped Aidan. Aidan grind his teeth in pain and then came another whip and many more all at once. He couldn't even assess the pain he was feeling now on his body but one thing he knew was that, he wasn't going to give up on his love. He was going to stand by her side, love her even if it brings him to his death bed. He was not only whipped, he was also beaten up with the bare hands. It was total agony and he could feel the blood streaming down his body. The bloody blur dizzy vision in his eyes couldn't let him see anymore.

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