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   Chapter 26 Caught

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''F-f-fa...father?" Giselle stuttered in surprise as she swallowed hard. She could see her mother with her sister as well. Her father looked really angry. His eyes were soiled red and his face squeezed angry with disgust. They all just stood silently frozen staring at each other and that's when she held on tightly to Aidan and Aidan held her tightly back in return for support. She lowered her gaze away from her family.

''Get her out of that water!'' The king barked at his guards.

''Here...take this and cover her.'' The queen said as she took off her long coat and gave it to the guard that went with Stephanie.

''The rest of you two...arrest that man!" The king barked again angrily and they immediately moved towards them.

''No.. Aidan....father please...''

''Get her out of that water quickly!" The king barked some more as he ordered Stephanie.


''Your highness please let's go.'' Stephanie pleaded to her as the guards separated Giselle and Aidan.

''Giselle...Giselle...'' Aidan called out as they got separated. Stephanie quickly covered Giselle as she tried hard to walk her out of the water since they weren't far into the lake. The other guards got hold of Aidan.

''Father...mother...father please let go of Aidan. He didn't do anything.'' Giselle said in tears as soon as she stood in front of her parents.

''He didn't do anything? Just take a good look at yourself're going to get engaged tomorrow to prince Arinze and you are with...f

so...I have to deal with that butcher who did this to our family...''

The king said as he turned and walked away.

''Father no...'' Giselle called out unto him but before she could get to him, he had already left the room. She sat there weeping and her mother came in front of her with teary eyes. She shook her head as tears rolled down her cheeks.

''I'm...I'm disappointed in you Giselle but yet again I'm sorry because I think all this was my fault...I wasn't a good mother. I wasn't always there for you and I didn't raise you...''

"Mother...'' before Giselle could finish, her mother quickly left the room. Giselle sat there weeping continuously.

''I'm...I'm sorry mother, father...I...I never meant to hurt anyone...I...I just fell in love.'' She said between tears in a whisper as she sat there weeping.

I hope things are stirring up a bit now for everyone. Please keep on reading and waiting on till the end...please don't forget to vote and show your comments on what you think...thnx.

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