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   Chapter 25 Solitarity

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 5371

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:48

"I have to find out as soon as possible what Giselle is hiding....she sneaks out more often these days.'' Janelle whispered to herself as she stood close to her window as she peeped through the curtain. She watched her sister as she snooked out of the palace again. Janelle smiled secretly to herself as she whispered once more to herself.

''Bingo!" She said and just then the inner voice spoke to her.

'This is a good opportunity for you Janelle to finally catch on to your sister, expose her and then gain your rightful place as the only princess of Serena.' It whispered to her and all she did was standstill as she listened head on.

'Now that you've finally gotten the Book of transportation from the king's office...use it, cast a spell for you to track your sister.' The voice told her again and she nodded before opening the book then resd out a verse concerning her motive and suddenly she varnised.

"Come on Giselle, come into the water." Aidan who was in the water with shirt off called onto her who was still standing ashore. She shook her head.

''I told you before Aidan, I can't

...I...I can't swim...I never really paid attention to learning how to swim...I'm scared I might drown.'' She told him, after a minute of silence he spoke.

''I won't let that happen to you...please trust me my me, I would never leave you...never.'' he told her calmly as he stretched out his hand to her. She stared at him and saw the sincerity in his eyes. She slowly nodded and took off her clothes till she was only in her plain underwear. She brushed her hair backward her bare fin

' Janelle said from behind them with her arms crossed. Her mother walked up to her.

'' you know anything about your sister's whereabouts?" The queen asked her, Janelle gave a sly smile.

''I don't just know...I know where she is right now and I can take you right now if you're in for a surprise.''

''Take us there.'' The king ordered her and she gave a slight nod.

''You promised to hold me tightly but I feel like I'm slowly slipping...'' Giselle complained.

''No you're not...just hold on to me.'! Aidan told her as he clenched her tightly unto him in his arms. After she put her arms around him, she stared into his eyes.

''If you want to kiss me then just go ahead.''Aidan told her as he placed a playful kiss on her neck. She laughted and just brought her lips as she kissed him wholeheartedly with her arms around his neck and he bringing her more and more closer into him.

''Giselle!'' A voice called her and they both turned in the direction of the voice and in surprise she gasped.

''F-f-fa...father?" she stuttered in a whisper.

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