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   Chapter 24 Sweet but had to go sour 2

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Giselle stood staring at the magnificent view in front of her eyes. The flowers were so pretty with different colours on their petals. Their scents were heavenly even if she had no idea about most of the plants since obviously they were rare species. She had never seen such a flower back in the real world. The green grass beneath her feet just laid like rugs and felt very comfortable to walk on as they were neatly lawned to the very last depth for comfortability and added beauty to the whole scenery. She walked towards the wall made out of different random shaped stones with different colours. They looked beautiful and she couldn't help going closer to touch them. Suddenly she felt her right wrist being grabbed and she was forced to turn as the person slid his other hand on her waist and quickly brought his lips to hers and kissed her with her eyes widened open in surprise. Finally when he let go, she tended to raise her hand to slap him but then she realised who it was.

''Aidan!?" She asked both in surprise and shock.

''Shhhh...lower your voice...come.'' he told her as he dragged along confused but yet happy Giselle. They walked for about two minutes before they finally got to a small door. He looked around before opening the door and bringing her in as well. He shut the door behind them and pinned her to the wall. They stood staring into each other's eyes. A smile slowly rose on her lips. She put her arms around his neck and brought him into a hug. He held her tightly in return.

''What are you doing here Aidan?'' She asked him after releasing him from the hug but not taking her hands off him. He stared at her lovingly as he pushed a strand of her hair behind her right ear. He brought his lips to hers and kissed her softly and wholeheartedly.

''I supplied some meat to some of the contestants then I saw you....I've been waiting for a chance to hold you ever since you got her and then you made everything easy by stepping down from your seat.'' He told her with a smile. She smiled back broadly.

''I'm glad to see you here 'cause I've missed you a lot.'' She told him as she played with his wavy hair using her index finger.

''Really! I thought we saw each other last night and I just left the palace this morning.'' He told her, ''Well I guess I didn't have enough of yo

t's a lie...I just came from there and you were not there or pehaps you've been fooling around.'' Janelle told het as she folded her arms.

''Wait a minute! I don't have to answer to you because I know no matter what I say, you'll still find a wrong in it...I said I was in the garden, if you don't believe me then that's your business not mine.'' With that Giselle walked right past her leaving surprised Janelle. She never expected her sister's reaction. She immediately turned and walked up to her sister. She held her arm to swing her to turn and face her. There was silence between them as they stared into each other's eyes hatefully and their hearts panting with anger.

''You know for someone who's keeping a secret, you sure do have guts but it's okay...that drives me more to find out what the secret is.'' Janelle said and then came closer.

''I guess you should be careful now... 'cause I'll be watching you.'' She whispered the last sentence close to Giselle's ear as she tended to walk past her. Giselle couldn't help but swallow hard as she felt a lump in her throat. She knew only two things were up with her sister; first, she knows about Aidan or second, she had an idea about what was going on. She knew she shouldn't be lying to her father or she shouldn't hide secrets from her family but this, this situation of hers was pretty different. She has to look for the right time and opportunity to break the news to her family someday in the future. All she hoped and prayed for was that Aidan gets accepted by her family.

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