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   Chapter 23 Sweet but had to go Sour

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 7173

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:47

He felt the slight sun ray hit his face and he slowly fluttered his eyes open. He looked around and saw it wasn't his room then he remembered the beautiful last night. He looked down at beautiful Giselle sleeping right beside him with her back rested on his chest and his hand around her in an embrace. He knew he had to leave now before someone walks in here and sees them both this way but he wasn't completely leaving her, they were going to meet again later on. After he got dressed, he bent down to sleeping Giselle and kissed her on the forehead after leaving a small note in her palm. He admired her lovingly once more with his eyes before finally leaving through the same way he came in. This time he was extra careful so as not to attract unnecessary attention from anyone.

She woke up late as she stretched her body on the bed as her eyes slowly fluttered open. She soon realized Aidan wasn't there with her anymore but she saw the small note in her palm. She read through it and a slow but happy smile grew on her lips. She couldn't help remembering how wonderful last night was with Aidan by her side. On the small note he wrote where they would meet up again. She dragged herself out of the bed still with a smile plastered on her face. She picked up her night gown and put in on and just then there was a knock on the door and she quickly hid away the note. Her mother came storming in and she stopped when she saw her daughter.

''For goodness sake Giselle don't tell me you now sleep like Janelle.'' Her mother asked wearily.

''Don't also tell me that you forgot the food tasting event we have to go to today.'' Her mother told her as she came closer. Giselle gave her a broad smile and hugged her mother.

''Oh mother you take things too seriously....learn to relax once in a's always this event or that event...fine I'll get ready quickly.'' She told her mother and gave her a kiss on the cheek with a smile still registered on her face. She tended to walk past her mother to the bathroom but her mum held her wrist making her to swing around to meet her mother's questioning face. The queen came closer to her da

ch her legs and muscles so she just whispered it to her mother and excused herself fron the rest of the people. Two body guards dressed in the royal army uniform went with her even if she didn't want them to. Her mother told her they were for her protection from anyone who might want to harass her. She had to go through the back since the crowd were in the front. She walked down the narrow path made out of gravels. She was safe here, no one from the crowd would bother her. This part of the building only allowed in workers. People who aided in the event. She stopped for a minute when her eyes spotted a calm attractive corner which kind of look like a garden but wasn't. She turned to the guards.

''Please let me be for now...look I'm safe here and no one would attack me.'' She told them and they were both silent with heads down.

''Look I'm just over there...I just need some space...alone....please.'' she told them as she pointed to where she was heading to. They both finally nodded and took a bow in front of her. She took a deep breath satisfyingly then turned and walked towards her destination.

Thank you all my readers for keep on reading but I'm sorry to say guys are not really making me happy. I can't see any comments on my work or some tips of help...I'm supposed to improve by you recognizing my mistakes...u're all like my mini editors....please guys keep on voting and commenting...thnx.

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