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   Chapter 22 Familiarity

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 5167

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''Aidan?" She said in a whisper confusingly as she still stared down at him.

''Wait I'm coming up.'' He told her and then found a means to try and climb up to her balcony. She just stared at him speachless. 'How did he get in? What was he doing here at this time of the night?' This question ran through her mind but then she forced herself to push that thought aside as he finally came up. She decided right away on pushing him away once he tried to talk with her but then as soon as he stood in front of her she lost that zile. She could feel her love for him arousing again. She turned as she walked back into her room.

''What are you doing here? I thought you wanted me...'' she felt his hands go round her arm as he brought her into a hug from behind her. She was silent. He had taken her by surprise.

''I'm sorry. I'm really sorry...I...'' he turned her to face him as he cupped her face in his hands.

''I...I...I'm sorry...I...I can't live without you...I haven't rested since that day...please Giselle.'' He told her in a whisper.

''Please? Aidan you broke up with left me when I needed you the most...'' she spoke back in a whisper so that the guards outside her room doesn't here a thing.

''And I'm sorry...I had to Giselle because then I thought you didn't belong with had so much were high up in the sky and I was down below the earth can the sky and land meet...I'm sorry.'' He told her as he stared into her now clouded eyes with tears.

''But you hurt me you know

y covered with the duvet. He kissed her on her forehead.

''No, never again I'm I going to do that...I'm sor...'' she put her index finger on his lips as she raised her head to look into his eyes.

''Don't appologise've said sorry too much for one night and besides I can't stay angry at you for too long because I love you and I can never get tired of telling you that.'' She told him then slowly took off her index finger from his lips. He smiled to her and then turned her on the bed so that he can be the one on top of her instead. He stared at her lovingly as he stroked her cheek with his hand.

''I promise not to be a coward again...I'm ready to fight for us, for our love...I'm ready to face the world for you.'' He told her in a whisper with a smile plastered on his lips. She immediately put her arms around his neck and drew him closer to her as she kissed him. She was more than happy at this point of her life. What else could happen?

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