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   Chapter 21 Regrets

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''Giselle dear I know that what your father is asking of you is a bit difficult for you but...but prince Arinze is a nice man and I've practically seen him grow up in front of me...he'll make a very fine husband and he'll never hurt you because he cares for you...just give this a chance...give Arinze a I know its a bit difficult for you but please consider this family's name and Serena's prosperity as well...''

''Serena! Serena!! Serena!!! All the time...I'm sick and tired of Serena this, Serena that...why does everything has to always be about this kingdom....this kingdom that does not even recognize my scent...'' Giselle said in tears as she raised her head to talk to her mother.

''Don't raise your voice at me young lady.'' Her mother told her but then she calmed herself down and brought her daughter into a warm hug.

''That's because you're a princess and a princess always has her duties to fulfil towards her people...a princess should always consider the welfare of her peoples first before hers...that's how it has always been with all the doesn't sometimes really matters whether it's good for you or not. All that matters is that your people will be I trust you Giselle and I know you'll never bring shame to our family nor this kingdom...I know you love us all.'' Her mother told h

missed her life in the real world. She missed her independency. She missed everything badly even though she loves her family, she just couldn't help wishing she wasn't really a princess and that there weren't so many responsibilities and rules. Before she knew it, she was crying again and she just couldn't stop. She heard a a whispering voice. She immediately wiped her face and got out of the bed. She walked towards the door that leads to her balcony. It was slightly open for air. She opened it and stepped out, she looked around.

''Giselle....Giselle....'' a whispering voice called out to her and she looked below. A mouth slightly gasped in surprise at the person under the light of the moon.

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