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   Chapter 20 Oh REALLY! go ahead!

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 7329

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''What do I do I tell Aidan this news?" Giselle soliloquized to herself as she paced to and fro in her room in front of her bed. Then she slumped on the bed and lay flat on her back. She felt the hot tears bubbling within her and soon enough they clouded her eyes and then rolled down her cheeks. How could this be happening to her now? How could her father suggest an arranged marriage for her and with prince Arinze.....

''Wait prince Arinze...I'm sure he doesn't want this marriage just like me...he looked like a nice person the day I saw him...I have to talk to him...'' there was a knock on her door and she called for the person to come in. Steph stepped in and closed the door behind her. She took a ligh bow and then spoke up as Giselle sat up and wiping her face with her hand.

''Your highness prince Arinze is here waiting for you in the garden...he says he would like to speak to you.''

''Really he's about good timing.'' Giselle said as she quickly stood up from the bed and walked towards the door.

''It's nice to see you again fair princess.'' Arinze said as he took a courtesy bow in front of Giselle as she walked into the garden and met him admiring the flowers. She took a light bow in front of him and had her sit on a nearby bench in the garden. He took his seat as well on the same bench. They were silent for a while without turning to each other.

''Do you object to this marriage?" She asked him as she broke the silence first.

'' you want to say something? Don't you think this is a good opportunity to help Serena as its princess?" He asked her, she turned to him.

''Help Serena! I don't remember Serena being in any kind of financial problem.'' She told him.

''Not exactly...our marriage could join the two kingdoms into one big empire....don't you want the success of Serena?'' He asked, she stared at him hard and long then snorted as she turned her head away. She knew that was rude of her and against all the courtesy teaching she's being going through but right now she didn't care.

''Now I I know that you were the one who suggested this marriage to my father using the prosperity of Serena as an ex

eave you because I love you and I was willing to fight for our love but...but I see I was mistaken. don't seem to think that way and you never truely loved me.'' She said in tears then turned as she walked away. He took a step further to call her back but then he thought there was no use for that. Things were best this way. She had no where with him and the world will never accept him for her. This was something that hurt him but he had to do it. He had to let her go for her own sake. His only regret was that he didn't let her fully understand that he never played with her emotions for even a day. He always and have truely loved her like never before.

She walked down the hall of the palace upstairs towards her room as tears gathered her eyes and she tried hard to control it. She didn't want anyone seeing her this way. She finally got to her room and fell like a thud on the bed after angrily taking off the coat she was wearing. She wept silently in her pillow like never before. She couldn't believe that Aidan would do that to her. Does this mean he never truely loved her? Does this mean all this time she spent with him, loving him wholeheartedly was just a lie?

"Giselle dear are you in?" Her mother the queen asked as she came in then met her daughter on the bed weeping. She quickly walked up to her and sat on the bed close to her daughter. She placed her hand on her daughter's back as she soothe it and tried to comfort her.

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