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   Chapter 18 What! No way!

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 3496

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:44

Giselle walked happily down the hall way as she hummed to herself. She spotted her father with a man dressed richly and looked very handsome. He smiled to her and she walked up to him. She took a light bow in front of her father as she greeted him and he responded happily. She kept smiling from ear to ear.

''Good day father.'' She told him, "And good day to you my daughter.'' He told her happily, he was really happy that his family was finally whole again.

''This is prince Arinze of the kingdom of Farnsworthe...they supply almost half the mercenaries that the merchants sell in the short cut Serena trades with Farnsworth.'' Her father told her and she nodded then took a light bow in front of the prince. The prince smiled at her admiringly.

''I didn't know this kingdom had two remarkeable beauties rulling them." The prince said teasingly. She smiled at what he said.

''Please excuse me father...I'll like to go to my room now.'' She told him.

''Sure can go now.'' He told her then she took another lig

front four men played the classical music and some people danced.

''Attention everyone...please your attention.'' The king called out to the guests with both of his daughter standing by his side.

'' that I've got your attention I'll like to first thank everyone for being here to celebrate the twenty-third birthday of my daughters and also to welcome Giselle back home...and I'll also like to announce that this is also to announce that my daughter Giselle will be getting engaged to prince Arinze of Farnsworthe four blue moons from now.'' He said and immediately his two daughters turned to him with an expression on their face saying 'what?' The guests just clapped nonstop.

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