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   Chapter 17 Happy! Happy!! Happy!!!

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 2443

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:44

Every single day since the day Aidan and Giselle confessed their feelings for each other has been pretty. Giselle just couldn't stop smiling everyday. Aidan and her met up almost all the time. She would escape with the help of Steph to be with him. They had great time together just being themselves.

''Aidan what would you actually be doing if you hadn't ever met me?" Giselle asked Aidan as they walked hand in hand happily at the shore of small river with their feet sinking into the soft sand and water.

''I guess my normal without love, without Giselle.'' He told her with a smirk. He now called her by her name at her request. She hit him playfully on the arm and he chuckled.

''Tell me honestly Aidan...di

his face in her hands.

''You know I can't live without you either Aidan...promise me that no matter what happens we'll be together.'' She told him and with a wide smile he nodded to her then kissed her again. She drew out of the kiss and stood up as she started to run as she laughed at how she left him hanging. He chuckled to himself and immediately got up as he ran after her.

''I'll get you.'' He yelled to her.

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