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   Chapter 16 That's it! talk now.

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She just couldn't sleep that night. She kept turning from one side of the bed to the other. Aidan was in her every thought...anywhere she looked it was Aidan and she badly wished he was with her. She was totally a lost person....these sleepless night of hers continued for like three nights from that day. Sometimes she would just sit in the garden staring at the beautiful flowers. She wanted to see him again but somehow...just somehow she knew it was impossible.

''Your highness, your highness, your highness...'' Steph called out to her as she ran into the garden and stopped in front of the princess. The princess looked at her nonchalantly.

''What is it Steph?" She asked her.

''Your highness...your highness...'' Steph started as she tried to catch her breath from running all the way here.

''Aidan...Aidan is in the palace right now.'' She finally told her.

''What?'' The princess asked her in surprise as she immediately stood to her feet.

''He was in the royal kitchen handing out the meat and was about to go when...when I spotted him so I ran here as fast as I could to tell you...go after him before he leaves.'' Steph told her and Giselle thanked her. They had grown to be friends and Giselle trusted her enough to tell her about her feelings for Aidan. Giselle immediately turned and ran as fast as she could as she carried her gown in her hand. She finally got to the royal kitchen downstairs. The royal kitchen was way far from the garden. Everywhere in the palace was so spacious and now that she thinks about the distance she found it really stupid. She searched around but he wasn't there, she asked the servants in there but they all said he left not long enough which meant she could still catch up with him. She ran out of there once again towards the back of the palace where he came through the back door but on reaching there his horse was way far from her now. She just stood there staring at him in the distance. She felt the hot tears gather her eyes. She had once again lost him.

He had come to deliver the animal he caught specially for the palace and secretly hoped he could at least get a glimpse of the princess that had stolen his heart and hadn't returned it. He purposely wasted some minutes as his eyes scanned all the Windows and balconies

have I ever said this to any man...I can't take the hurt anymore in my heart. I want to hide my feelings but I just can't anymore because I feel choked up and I have to tell you. I'm ready to accept it if you reject me...'' the remaining words trailed away as he immediately brought his lips to hers and kissed her with her face cupped in his hands then he used one of his hands to put around her waist as he brought her closer into his arms and she placed her hands on his chest. She could feel her heart beating faster nonstop as his cold but yet soft lips collided with hers. They kissed passionately not wanting to let go of each other until they were almost out of breath. He kept his forehead on hers as they stood there with their body still shaking from what just happened.

''I love you too princess...I always have from the very first day I set my eyes on you...I would never reject you.'' He told her with a smile and kissed her lightly on the lips. She felt so happy at what he just told her. She had always thought maybe he didn't like her back and just accepted to their first meeting because she was royalty. She flung her arms right around his neck as she rested her chin on his shoulder. He in return held her closer and tighter, he never wants to let her go.

Ha! Finally I'm getting to the interesting scenes....write comments on what you think would happen at the end of this story and what you think would happen in the next three chapters. I'll dedicate a chapter to whosoever guess right...thnx readers.

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