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   Chapter 15 ESCAPATOS again

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Updated: 2018-01-02 13:43

After finally catching an antelope which took almost half the whole day to catch, Aidan finally heads home with the antelope carried on top of his shoulder. On reaching home he sighted the princess standing in front of his small cottage and staring down at the ground as she played with her feet. She was holding her coat in her hands. He remembered what he thought about last night...the fact that had to stay away from her but now on seeing her he just couldn't anymore. He wanted her closer and to see her ever radiating beauty everyday of his life. He just hoped he hadn't made her wait for a very long time. He walked towards her and slowly she raised her head. On seeing him, a slow shy smile grew on her lips. She took some steps towards him as well and finally they stood in front of each other.

''Hi...I guess I came at a bad timing.'' She said without looking straight into his eyes.

''No your high...I mean princess, I should be the one apologising for keeping you waiting.'' He told her, she took one look at him as she slowly nod her head. He suddenly remembered that the animal was still on his shoulder.

''Princess I'll just drop this, clean myself up and be back...please give me a minute.'' He told her and she nodded. He took a light bow and quickly walked past her towards his cottage. He followed through the back to drop the animal then later get changed. He found it hard to find

ver strong body. She wanted to push any strange thought aside but she couldn't. No man had ever carried her even back in the real world. She slowly put her hand around his neck to hold onto. All this while instead of staring ahead at the path they took, she found herself staring elsewhere on his body. She couldn't help but stare, she was dead drop attracted to this man. She watched how his adam's apple moved back and forth in his throat. She could feel his heart beating on her chest and his scent smelt manly. Finally they passed the hilly area and came to a better path. He gently droppped her to stand on her two feet. Both of them still battling with their emotions stood silent without daring to look into each other's eyes.

Dear readers so how do you find thid chapter...I told you there would be love scenes and there is even going to be a fighting scene....please keep giving your votes and comments on my mistakes...thnx.

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