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   Chapter 14 ESCAPATOS starts

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 3920

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:43

"Oh quickly now Steph tell me...which of these dresses looks better on me?" Giselle asked the next morning as she stood in her huge closet room and stared at the mirror with two different gowns in her hand already hung on a hanger. She kept pestering Steph.

''Your highness you'll look pretty in're the princess and always beautiful.'' Steph said as she kept wondering within her why the princess was acting so unusual. Giselle turned to face her still with the two gowns. The one in her left hand was a red velvet in coloured gown. It was a long sleeved gorgeous flaw gown with metallic embroidery, rhinestones by the chest sides with crystal beading and sequins. The other one was also a long sleeved draped blushing gown with feminine touches of waist beading and self fabric rose inspired flowers. She gave a pleading face to Steph to please pick one that honestly fitted her and finally Steph pointed the one in her right hands.

''Yes!" Giselle exclaimed with joy as that was the one she really wantee but she just wasn't sure it fitted her and that was why she asked for opinion.

''I don't get you your highness...why does it really matter to you whi

ank you very much now please distract the guards at the gate for me.'' Giselle pleaded to her and Steph nodded the walked off towards the gate. She knew it wouldn't be exactly hard since there were just about three guards. As Steph was walking them she feigned that she slipped and fell to the floor so all three guards thinking it was something serious all at once ran to her aid and immediately as quikly as possible Giselle ran out of the palace without making a loud sound. She felt stupid at a time for doing this and at times she felt great and happy that she was going to meet Aidan again. Only he said beautiful words to her which she constantly told herself simply and purely meant nothing but can you really kill your heart when it refuses to accept the mind's decision?

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