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   Chapter 13 Sleepless nights

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Updated: 2018-01-02 13:42

She came back to the palace with a feeling of happiness. She had totally forgotten the fact that she didn't tell her parents that she was going out. She guessed she was lucky enough to not have been caught. She walked down the hall heading to her room with her face bent as she smiled to herself. She couldn't stop thinking at how he admired her. He told her she was beautiful and he repeated it saying she was pretty. Finally she stopped in front of her room which was guarded by two guards. She heard a door open then she turned to meet her sister staring right back at her. Their rooms stood opposite each other making them face each other each time one person or the other came out. Janelle gave a smile which Giselle replied with a smile.

'''s royal bed treating you...I'm sure it feels different from what you were used to.'' Janelle said as she took some steps closer.

''Oh I'm sure with time I'll get used to really look like me...very strange. It's just like I'm staring at my reflection in the mirror.'' She said as she stared closer.

''Now that's where you're wrong...we can never be the same person.'' With that Janelle flung her head around as she turned and walked away with pride.

close by. His mother died right after giving birth to him and he grew up in the security of his father. His father taught him all he knew and his father wasn't able to afford the money to a nearby school so he never studied anything. He sighed as he put both of his hand behind his head with his head resting in his palm. He really shouldn't think about the princess but he just couldn't help it. The princess was beautiful in her own way and made his heart beat in a way it has never before for any other woman he had come across. All he hoped now was to get rid of any strange feeling...yes that was what he should do.

So how do you like this chapter? Corny right? But don't worry its going to get a bit more corny and twisted from here...please continue to show your supports with votes and comments...thnx.

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