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Updated: 2018-01-02 13:42

Well I hope all readers of Janelle Giselle will continue to read on awaiting new twists and scenes...thnx.

She sat in the carriage on her way to Aidan's home. She was told he lived a bit further than where everyone else lived because of his work. After putting on a cotton red fitting coat and black net gloves. She left an order with Steph warning her not to disclose her whereabouts to anyone until she was back. Finally the carriage stopped and she had no idea where they were since she was in the carriage and the windows were covered with curtains. The door opened and the coach man stretched out his hand for her to hold on and get down which she did.

''His cottage is straight won't miss it if you keep up the same direction.'' He told her and took a quick bow.

''Thank you very much.'' She told him and with hesitation she started walking.

He came out if his cottage and walked behind the cottage. He picked up the two logs of wood and then headed to where he would cut them to pieces. He was mainly surrounded with some big trees and mother nature. It just took like a mile to travel back to town. After dropping the wood he picked up the axe and took and rose his head as he got ready to cut. His eyes caught an image of someone coming. On final realisation of who it was, he felt his heart beat a bit faster against his ribcage.

sider him? What made her remember him? He didn't have the answer but he wasn't going to leave her sad.

''I can always be of help to you your high...''

''Then just call me princess for a bit comfortability.'' She told him smiling and he smiled back. This princess right in front of him was different but he had no idea why she was different.

''I have to go now. I sort of sneaked out...can I come round tomorrow and you can give me a tour but its alright, I'll understand if you're busy and have no time to waste.'' She said as she bent her head shyly.

'' I don't mind...I have some time to spare your high...I mean princess.'' He told her without even knowing why he accepted knowing that it's going to be awkward. She gave him one last smile which he repayed with another. They said their goodbyes and she left. He felt a sudden happiness wash over him on this visitation she gave him.

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