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   Chapter 10 wrong truth 2

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 2819

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:41

I appologise again for the misunderstanding in the last two chapters...I hope you please continue to show your support through commenting and voting...thanx a lot.

''Yes...Janelle is your twin sister.'' The king told her, she slowly shook her head.

'' this cannot be happening...'' she shut her eyes.

''You're dreaming're having one heck of a reality dream.'' She told herself.

''Giselle dear...'' the queen's warm soft hand touched hers and she slowly opened her eyes to look at the motherly figure in front of her. She just couldn't understand how all this is possible. All her life back in the orphanage she always thought that her family abandoned her because she was a monster, because she possessed strange powers but now here they are. All they tell her is that after all these years...her complete family

could hardly recognise her stunning reflection with the beautiful light make up on her face. Her hair was packed in a kind of messy updo with a small royal tiara placed on her hair. She wore a small white dangling earing with its necklae to go. Her shoe was also white and really pretty. She couldn't stop staring at her transformation.

"You look really pretty Giselle.'' Her mother who stood aside staring as well spoke.

''Is this really this really happening to me?" She asked with her eyes still glued to her stunning reflection in the mirror.

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