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   Chapter 9 really! very funny.

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 4837

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:40

Thank you everyone for reading JANELLE GISELLE so far...its my first time writting a fantasy story but I promise not to only make it full of powers, wars and stuff...more twist including love scenes are coming. I hope everyone bears with me if I stay long without updating...exams are coming up. I hope you keep on showing your support through voting and commenting on new ideas on how it should end...thanx.

''What the!" She exclaimed as she stared out through the window. She saw that the man whom she yelled at to go away hasn't. He was standing right outside her door under this heavy rain. She couldn't understand what he was doing nor what his problem was. She decided to ignore with the mentality that when he's gotten drenched enough then he'll head home. She turned and walked back to her slouchy couch. She sat down and picked up the plate into her hand. She couldn't eat. She saw herself staring out into space. 'What of if he falls sick from getting all drenched? What of if he falls right there outside her door and dies? What of if there's truth in something about him? What of if she's the blind one here or what of if she just listens to him?' All this questions ran up and down through her mind until she didn't realise that she has frozen the spaghetti and plate in her hand. When she realized what she had done, it was too late. She had frozen it solid. She kept the plate on the center table and stared at it in awe. She wasn't

that her eyes were hazel brown. He pushed that thought of going through her aside. He wasn't supposed to do that. He whispered to the medallion and repeated it in hos heart just like the king said. All of a sudden the wind came and blew around heavily.

''What's going on...what's...''

''Hold on tightly and don't let go.'' He told her as he slid his hand on her waist and in confusion she held on to him in a hug. The wind swirled round them and finally it took them along after blowing the umbrella in her hand away.

Soon they appeared in the courtroom of the palace in a whirlwind. All the guards became alert at the sound they heard. As soon as the wind left them, Janice fell unconscious in his arms and he had to bend to the floor with her in his arms.

''Your highness. Your highness...your highness...'' he kept on calling her.

''What's going on here?" The king asked as he emerged through the door with the queen and four guards behind him.

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