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   Chapter 8 wrong truth

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 2908

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:40

"What's going on here?" The king asked as he emerged with his wife. On seeing Aidan and his unconscious daughter he felt different. His daughter was finally here.

''Quick guards take her to her room...she just fainted from traveling like that.'' He said as he ordered two guards behind him.

''Giselle? Giselle my daughter.'' The queen fell to her knees on seeing her long gone daughter as tears of joy gathered her eyes. The guards carried her off Aidan's arms and the queen followed behind them as she kept on calling out to her daughter. It was left with Aidan and the king. Aidan got to his feet and took a bow in front of the king.

''You did a good job Aidan...and very quick.'' The king told him as he collected a small sack from one of the guards behind him. He gave it to Aidan.

''That's twenty shackles for bringing the princess home.'' The king said b

set of hands that created such marvelous blue wall paper.

''Giselle dear don't be scared.'' The queen told her in a gentle voice as she tried to come closer but Janice took a sit back.

''She's right Giselle don't be scared my daughter....''

''Daughter!?" Janice asked confused by the whole situation.

''Yes...we are your family...I'm your father, she's your mother and this is your twin sister Janelle...''

''Twin!? Me? I have a twin?" She asked surprise written all over her face as she stared at the look alike young woman standing close to her supposed father.

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