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   Chapter 7 wierd meeting

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 5151

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:39

In New York city

He magically appeared in the bathroom. At first he felt a bit dizzy since it was his ever first ride like that. As soon as his vision became straight and visible, he opened the door and walked out. Of all places he could appear, it had to be in here. He walked out of the washroom still staring around at the new world that he never thought could ever exist. As soon as he was outside the washroom, he saw so may walking around in wired dressings. They stared at him as if he was a psycho. He stared at the wierd dresses in display in front of the transparent glasses of different stores as well as different Jeweries and shoes. He looked away and continued walking and eventually he stopped in front of a restaurant in the mall. He stood staring at the people in there when his eyes finally caught a young woman resting on the counter. She was probably in her early twenties. Tall but not tall enough to measure up to Aidan's height. Sh had a slim long nose. Small peach coloured lips and she was a brunette. She was putting on a green polo t-shirt and a blue jean trouser and a waist apron. Her hair was packed into a long pony tail. When she turned her face once to take a look at something then there he caught a glimpse of her...wait she looked exactly like the princess in the painting which the king had shown him.

''This must be her...the lost princess.'' He whispered to her as he still was amazed by the striking resemblance. He walked up to her and as soon as she immediately turned and saw him heading up to he

e asked herself sarcastically as she walked to her room. She dropped her handbag and took off her cardigan. She heard the sound of the thunder rumble outside.

''Looks like its going to rain.'' She said in a sigh as she took off the rest of her clothes as well as her underwear. She untied her hair and then walked into the bathroom. She was having her bathe when she heard the sound of the heavy rain pouring down on the ground. Her only thanks was that she got home before it started raining. She cleaned herself up with the towel after she was done and then changed into something lighter to wear. She blow dried her hair and then walked to the kitchen to get herself something to eat. She warmed some leftover spaghetti and put it on a plate. She ate as she walked to the small sitting room. She was about to sit down when she noticed the Windows were a slightly open. She dropped the plate on the center table and walked over to the window. She was about to close it when her eyes caught someone outside.

"What the!"

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