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   Chapter 5 meeting of strangers

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 2410

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:38

In Serena

"I want my daughter back...I'm going to bring her home back to us" the king said as he stood starring out the window with his back facing his adviser in his office in the palace.

"But your majesty that can prove really dangerous for Serena...I'm sure his majesty has not forgotten the prophecies..."

"It's not a prophecy but a curse..." the king said angrily as he immediately turned to face his adviser who was head bent in respect and not daring to talk.

"Twenty-two years Omar...Twenty-two good years of my daughter's absence...I don't even know if she's still breathing or if she's in good condition....Giselle is my daughter and part of Serena...she's the princess of Serena. She possesses Serena's powers and she cannot live like a normal human in the real world...i've worked hard to get rid of that awful myth surrounding the destruction of Serena and my daughters. It will never happen...get me someone who'll get her home secretly and will do it willingly and keep it you know anyone Omar?" The king asked him with his eyebrows squeezed in a questioning and yet pleading frown.

Omar looked up to him and thought for a moment silently then nodded to the ki


"I do your highness...actually he's going to do this to repay the favour that he owes me...his name is Aidan and he's a local butcher but when his father was alive he supported the royal kitchen with the provision of his meat...his son still does that once or twice..after his father died, he searched for a land to bury his father in and I offer him one of mine...he's indebted to me so he'll do as I say." The royal adviser said with a nod feeling proud of himself. A slow smile crept on the king's lips and he nodded.

"Good...have him sent to the palace at once...there's no time to wait...I want my daughter home as soon as possible...I'll like to see him by night're dismissed" The king told him with a wave of hand. Omar took a light bow, turn and walked out of the office. As soon as he was outside the office and quite a bit out of the reach of the guards guarding the king's office, he stopped for a moment. He started to swell with anger and his heart turned with annoyance.

"Silly King!" He half whispered and then continued his walk down the hall.

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