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   Chapter 4 All shines and no night

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Updated: 2018-01-02 13:38

In the real world


''Oh Janice we're going to really miss you.'' Said sister Grace as she gave the pink cheeky young lady a heartwarming hug and so did sister Gladys.

''I'm going to miss you all very much as well.'' Janice said as she held the both of them in a hug as well. If it were really somehow up to her then she would never leave but she has to go out into the world and make something of her life. She had to prove to those parents that dumped her that she wasn't useless nor a monster and can actually live without them.

''Aunt Janice promise you'll come by once in a while and prepare us one of your delicious pastas.'' A twelve year old girl who stood in the midst of other children spoke with a smile that showed happiness as well as sadness.

''Of course Sarah...I'll never forget all of you at this're all the only family I've group hug.'' She screamed the last part as she swung her arm wide for them all with a wide smile. They all quickly came closer together in a wide hug.

''Janice can I have a word with you in private?" Sister Gladys said after they let go of the hug. Janice nodded and made her way to sister Gladys. They walked a few paces away from the rest.

''Look Janice...I just want to say something to know how dangerous you can be...I...I mean with the powers you possess...I don't know why it's so but only the g

ood lord does...I personally never saw you as a monster and I hope you never see yourself like're special in your own way and jesus christ loves you very much as his child so never forget that and always remember to say your prayers and at the end of each day thank the lord for your life. God bless you child.'' She ended with a prayer. Janice couldn't help but smile at how they cared so much about her.

''Thank you sister...thank you for taking me into this orphanage and your bosom...thank you for loving me as like your very own child and thank you for all the love you showered on me in all the years I grew up here. I simply can't thank you enough.'' She told her and gave her one last hug as she wiped the tear that threatened to start rolling down her cheeks and then she sniffed. She turned and waved to everyone one last time and bid them goodbye as they stood outside. She then turned and got into the taxi already waiting for her.

Six hours later...

She tood in front of a big fountain in the city with her bag in her hand. Everywhere was pretty.

''Hello New york.'' she screamed at the top of her voice as she stared at the sky and swirled around in excitement. This was her first time leaving the orphanage and the town. She couldn't care less now about the swarming questioning eyes staring at her at the moment. She was just happy in her own world. Freedom happy.

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