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   Chapter 3 Moving on

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Please everyone sorry for the short chapter before but now I'll try and make it longer. Please do keep voting and commenting...they help me understand my mistakes...after all we're not perfect.

''No your majesty...please...please do not take my child from me...'' the queen was on her knees crying as she clenched on tightly to the king and pleading.

''You have to understand Sophia...this is for the betterment of the kingdom and even our daughter's...please I have to do this...I promise someday to bring her back.'' The king told her as he bent and consoled her. He stood up back and walked to the crib where the twins slept. He picked one of the twins from the crib and before his wife could get up and run after him pleading, he disappeared magically.

He appeared in front of a door in the night and the streets were empty. He stole one stare at the sign board built close to the building. It was boldly inscribed 'SAINT MARIA'S ORPHANAGE'. He gave his little daughter one last hug and a kiss.

''Do not worry my daughter Giselle...someday I promise to bring you back home...I'll continue to work out a way for your return.'' He whisphered to her even if he knew she didn't understand one bit of what he was saying at her little age. She was sound asleep and her cheeks beamed red. He gave her one more hug and gently placed her on the foot mat of the door then rang the bell; he quickly swirled around and disappeared.

The door opened at a woman dressed in a black dress and white scarf, putting on a rosary around her neck. She was a nun. She looked around and was about to turn back into the house when she heard a small baby cry. She looked down and saw the baby. She picked up the baby.

''Good heavens! Who would drop a child here in this cold...sister Gladys there's a child.'' She yelled to someone inside the house as she shut the door.

Twenty-two years later....

In Serena

There was a feast going on in the kingdom. Everywhere was bustling with activities, every servant busy with one thing or the other and not one minute to spare for resting. The queen walked down the hall angrily with a maid hurrying up behind her with head bent. The queen finally stopped in front of a huge door where two guards dressed in uniform stood guarding.

''Where's Janelle?'' The queen asked one of the guard. He took a light bow before answering.

''She hasn't left her room today your highness.'' The guard answered her.

''I can't believe this...Janelle.'' the queen raved about angrily and the guard opened the door for her to go in.

''Janelle....get up...a princess does not sleep so lazily.'' The queen said as she opened the curtains to let in some sunshine. The princess turned on the bed and her mother came closer and took off the soft pink flower patterned dubet off her to get her to wake up. The princess just covered her face with her pillow.

''Take it off her Paige.'' The queen ordered the young girl that came into the room with her from the other side of the bed. The girl stood confused.

''But your highness can I dare do that to the princess...''

''Just stop it and do as I say okay...take that pillow off her face." The average height, bl

onde headed young girl still stood confused.

''Oh Serena!'' The queen exclaimed and walked to the other side of the bed then dragged the pillow off her face even if the princess dragged as well.

''Paige call me his majesty.''

''I'm awake.'' The red cheeky princess sprang up from her luxurious bed.

''Oh my many times must I tell you that a princess does not sleep so lazily...a princess has responsibilities.''

''Fine...I'm sorry mother...I'll quickly take my bathe now.'' She said and ran into her bathroom before her mother could say anything else. Her mother just shook her head at her daughter's act and turned to Paige.

''Has the royal seamstress brought her gown?''

''Yes your highness.'' Paige answered humbly.

''Bring out her shoe...since her gown is pink, her shoe should be white as well as her gloves and from the section of her tiara...she will put on the smallest one in her collection.'' The queen told the maid and she nodded then turned and opened the door to the large closet. There were two rows odlf different style of gowns. Five rows containing different shoes made both in Serena and outside the kingdom. The maid did just as the queen commanded her then she went further in and got to the drawer containing different colours of gloves both short and long neatly arranged. She got to the part where the princess's tiara where kept and finally landed her eyes on the one the queen suggested. It was a small tiara made up of mainly red set fire diamond and with it rails curled up beautifully, it was coated with a golden colour.

The maid came out of the closet and kept everything on the bed.

''Don't worry about the gown...go and get the royal make up artist.'' The queen commanded and without a word she took a bow and left. The queen brought out the newly sewn pink floral ball gown made out of the best silk in the kingdom and its embroidery was just beautifully designed.

Soon after the princess was done dressed and she trully looked like a princess. She was tall enough for a woman. She had brown hair, slim long pretty nose and dimples anytime she smiled. She was the epitome of beauty and the eye of jealousy of most of the maidens. Princess Janelle had it all, flawless beauty and a crown on her head representing her title. People never forgot to mention the fact that the princess was red cheeked, her eyes were sea green and were decorated with long eyelashes. Her hair was packed up into a bun and the tiara placed right in front of her bun which was different from her mother's perm.

'' let's go...wait...Janelle first promise me you will control your powers and don't use them anyhow, no playing, no using it to make work easier for you and most of not create a scene.'' Her mother warned her, with head bow Janelle nodded.

''Yes mother.'' Janelle answered as the walked out of the room and the maids following behind them.

''And remember to sit upright at the table, no smiling mischiviously to yourself, no giggling, no eating self consciously...'' the warnings went on and on as they walked down the hall to the arena where the feast was being held. All Janelle could do was answer 'yes mother'.

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