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   Chapter 1 The beginning

Janelle Giselle By Mercy kalu Characters: 1813

Updated: 2018-01-02 13:36

Janelle Giselle is a story based on pure fantasy. It's all fiction and bears no resemblance to any reality...if it seems alike with some story or someone's life then it's pure coincidence...i just decided to write a story from my imagination.....please do continue to support with your votes and comments.

Janelle Giselle

The kingdom of Serena was bustling with activities and preparations for the arrival of the new heir to the throne that the queen Sofia was carrying.

High up in the palace in the queen chamber she was uprightly in pain as she undergo labor. The mid-wives kept coming in and out of the room. The king who paced restless outside the room felt like he could not take the ignorance anymore then he turned to his royal adviser who stokd close to his waiting as well.

''Omar...get me one of those midwives...I need to know what is going on in there...why won't anyone say anythin

g to me?" The king a middle aged looking man with brown neatly cut hair putting on an expensive looking embroided suit which looks kind of like a coat as he paced to and fro.

''But your majesty...'' the royal adviser a haggy kind of looking man with a bald head and he put on a kind of red embroided robe tried to talk. The king waved his hand to silence him.

''Okay your majesty...I will get one of the midwives.'' He said and took a short bow then turned and left. He returned with one of the midwives. She had her head bowed in front of the king.

''Tell me right now what's going on.'' He ordered her, she clenched her hanf tightly in fear as she stammered.

''Your...your....yout majesty...''

''Speak!" He ordered her agressively as he rose his voice. On being startled she quickly spoke.

''The queen your majesty has given birth to twins just like what was foretold.''


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