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   Chapter 10 No.10

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Garrett's Tale By AaronDennis Characters: 5084

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"Stop hurtin' me, " he pleaded. Then, he added in a whisper, "I'll tells ya', alright, but listen, yous' can't let it out that I ratted. Even the people workin' with me, they'll tells, and I'll get killt'."

"Talk, " Ograk barked.

"Shh, " Cormick begged with animated gestures of his hands. "Ya' can't say it like that. My men will know."

"I got it, " Garrett interceded. "Fine, " he yelled all too loudly. "If you won't talk, I'll just kill you!"

Ograk looked at him in confusion. After just a second, she grasped the situation; Garrett was making it seem as though Cormick was tight lipped, which helped to conceal the fact that he actually wasn't; the promise of safety loosened his lips.

"Thanks, mate, " Cormick whispered.

He then proceeded to explain that he had been hired by some grumpy politician in Stormguard to track the whereabouts of a caravan. The caravan had been bringing several items to Stormguard, and among the items was some little skull that had been excavated in a dungeon that Cormick wasn't able to pronounce. Unfortunately, the caravan had vanished near Fargo. As it turned out, the goblins had raided that caravan in the mountains, and everything had gone missing.

Cormick was hired to track down the caravan, and he learned from Aluham that there were goblins in the area, but that some human warriors had helped them to defeat the goblins, so Cormick and his crew ventured into the caves, but found no trace of the tiny skull. The bandit then learned in Fargo that Larson and

ything else, " Garrett lied. "Am I free to go?"

"What you do now?"

"I'm stuck here for a while, I think. My horse is injured, and I should wait for Larson, anyway. Unfortunately, the girls at the Frog stole my money…guess I'm off to the bank, and then a different inn, " he chuckled.

"You be careful with that thing, that skull. More trouble here not good." Ograk admonished. "I no want hold you responsible."

"Yeah…I know."

Though free from further scrutiny, a pang of doubt wormed its way into Garrett's being. Whatever was transpiring was linked to the trinket, to Lagos, to forces beyond the grasp of a single warrior, and the young man wanted to waste no more time, yet he was stuck; riding on to Xorinth without his cherished mount or new friend was out of the question, and so Garrett considered the only avenue open to him at that time—scrawl the recent events in a letter to Aluham, return to the temple of Akalabash, and do his very best to keep the goblin trinket out of the wrong hands.

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