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   Chapter 6 No.6

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Garrett's Tale By AaronDennis Characters: 5435

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"Yes, that's right, the God of Destruction."

The old man looked confused and shook his head, making his droopy cheeks jiggle, "I'm sorry, but you're mistaken. Golguhaar–"

"Yes, " Garrett interrupted, impatiently. "Golguhaar was the God of Destruction, but he was defeated by Akalabash. Unfortunately, I've come to learn of a new threat, and I need to see what Lagos, Golguhaar, and the White Wraith cultists all have in common!"

The priest just blinked. For a moment both men stared at each other in the dim light. Finally, the priest looked away.

"I have no knowledge of any of this, I'm afraid…people don't worship the Gods the way they used to. We do, however, still have an extensive library here. Why don't you follow me?" The old man shuffled off. His robe trailed over the cold, stone floor. Garrett did follow—his riding boots clomping noisily—creating a staccato echo off the gray walls. "In here."

They ended up passing the pews, and the altar of Akalabash, a hand gripping a sword etched from a piece of solid marble. Behind the worship room was a long hallway with a few doors on both sides, and finally, at the end of the hall, was the library. The priest took a torch from a sconce in the hallway, motioned for Garrett to follow into the room, and after he pointed to an ancient, dusty table, he bade Garrett sit. Then, he shuffled off to light some candles.

When the priest returned, Garrett asked him more questions. "I didn't see anyone else in here…and it doesn't look like you get many visitors. Are you alone?"

"Yes…my name is Willem, and I am the last worshipper of Akalabash here in Tals

the manifestation of the force…with enough worshipers, anyone or anything could become the God of Destruction." Willem then straightened up and seemed relieved. "But as grim as this sounds, the new creature would require centuries, millennia, to round up enough worshipers and have the power to become the force manifested.

"Certainly, this Lagos, and the White Wraiths, are problematic, but I wouldn't suggest concerning yourself with such things. It is best to help revitalize the worship of the opposing force…if more people worship Akalabash then neither Lagos, nor Golguhaar for that matter, could obtain enough support to create an imbalance; there is the key. You should start your worship of Akalabash today if you seek to halt the progress of Lagos."

Garrett winced. He looked off to some of the candles. They didn't waver in the library like they did in the altar room. The air was still and dry.

"You are not one to believe in Gods, are you, " Willem asked, somberly.

Garrett met his eyes. "No…I mean I understand they exist, but I don't worship any of them."

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