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   Chapter 4 No.4

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Garrett's Tale By AaronDennis Characters: 5229

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They shared a laugh, and for only a second, Garrett considered her proposition. Instead, he respectfully shook her hand and thanked her for her candor.

"Ograk always try. Can't give blame, " she shrugged. "Sweet dreams."

"And to you, my lady."

Shaking his head from the near miss of being bedded by a half-orc, Garrett ambled about, looking at street signs. He eventually found his way beyond the town square where the shops were locked up for the night and made it to a three story building. The sign above the door glowed in the torchlight. The place was called The Finagling Frog, and there was a painting of a frog in frilly pants and cuffed shirt talking to a pretty woman in a frilly, red dress.

"Certainly, there are no horny half-orcs here…?" Garrett mused and walked inside.

Upon opening the door, light and music spilled from the interior. A thin figure sat before a piano, playing a jaunty tune. The young man behind the counter waved to the newcomer, and as the traveler shut the door after going inside, the barkeep shouted a greeting.

"Welcome to the Finagling Frog, mate. What'll it be, a room, some grub, a drink or two perhaps?"

Garrett smiled, saying, "All of the above."

"Excellent! Excellent!"

A warm fired crackled at the far end of the airy interior. Several, squared posts held the ceiling in place. The entire, first floor had a sort of orange-gold glow to it; it was very nice. There were even brown drapes in front of the windows. Eyeing the environment, Garrett noted there were all manners of races. Two dwarves we

the burgundy carpet to door number three. It was cracked open, so he pushed the creaking door wide. Two, lovely lasses were indeed waiting for him.

Under the glow of many candles, he looked over the girls. They weren't young, but they weren't aged, either. They giggled coyly and batted their lashes. They fanned themselves coquettishly with silken hand fans. Their dark curly locks were draped over velvety lingerie.

"Alright, ladies, " Garrett started and closed the door. "I am Garrett Ansalle, a man of the world, a man of many pleasures, yet I regret to inform that I am a bit injured…you'll have to do all the work tonight, " he purred.

The girls laughed, helped him to the bed, undressed him, and started to massage the kinks out of poor Garrett's body. The romp session did not last too long, he was preoccupied after all; he had been attacked by bats and quite possibly escaped what looked to be the unexpected emergence of a djinn. The girls left him to snore peacefully on the bed, but not before emptying his coin pouch.

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