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   Chapter 3 No.3

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The city was surrounded on its southeastern edge by numerous, wooden shacks. People moved slowly, pulling or pushing carts. Even from the distance, it was evident they were miners making trips to and from the mountains. The western edge of Talsador, the closest to Garrett and Simon, was farmland and ranches; the road upon which the travelers trekked led into the farmlands and directly into the city; innumerable, stone buildings surrounded the town square.

The cities of Ruvonia all followed a similar design. Farmlands etched the extent of the cities while businesses conducted their transactions around the square. The nobility mostly inhabited the points farthest from workers and their homes. Shops were in one district, the poor in another, and temples were usually interspersed along with the inns, restaurants, curio shops, and the occasional schoolhouse, or magick school. In the case of Talsador, there was no university dedicated to magick since Xorinth was so close, and it held the most established magick school in the country.

By the time the sun set, Garrett and Simon rode beyond the wheat crops, past the beef ranch, rounded the southern edge of the lake where the nobility lived in immense mansions, and made straight for the barracks, a long, stone building with a thatched roof and many shuttered windows. Firelight gleamed from behind the shutters; other, smaller buildings lined the cobbled road.

"We can stable our horses here, " Simon said. "Guards don't use the town's stables."

"Will someone see to Lola?"


Simon and Garrett hopped off the horses, followed the edge of the barracks to a large stables built into the eastern side of the building, and a fat, fussy woman came out. Her hair was in a bun, and she wore a long, faded, orange dress.

"What's all this, then, Si, " she accosted the guard.

"Evenin', Celia, " Simon heaved. "Please, see to Lola, Garrett's mount. She took a spill. We're in a hurry to see the captain."

Celia frowned, took a torch from a scone built into a post supporting the stables' roof, and proceeded to check the horse, though she made exaggerated comments about how poorly the pretty boy must've treated her. Garrett was pleased, so he and Simon rounded the corner of the building and entered through a large, wooden door.

The barracks' interior consisted of a receiving area, which blocked entrance into a dark corridor Garrett presumed hid the cells. A muscular, half-orc woman sat with her booted feet up on an oaken desk. She was picking pulled pork from her protruding, bottom fangs.

Like al

l half-orcs, she was of a tannish color with a hint of green to her leathery skin. When she stood to acknowledge the new arrivals, her chain mail jingled; it hid whatever womanly figure she might have had quite effectively.

"Simon, " she grumbled. "What we got here?"

The guard proceeded to reveal the reason for his return. Ograk seemed displeased with the mention of giant bats. She grunted a couple of times, but never interrupted her subordinate. Finally, she tossed her braided hair over her meaty shoulders and turned to Garrett.

"So, you're Garrett, eh?" she snarled. The captain marched over to the traveler to size him up. They were about the same height, though Garrett was stooping a bit from injuries, he was also a bit narrower than her. "What's yer business here?"

"In the city, you mean?"

"Obviously, " she grumbled and placed her fists on her hips.

Garrett ran fingers through his knotted hair. "As Simon stated, I'm really just passing the time until my compatriot arrives. We have business in Xorinth."

"Mm-hm. You have clue where these bats be from?" she demanded more than asked.

"No, Ma'am, " Garrett frowned.

"'Ow long till yer friend come here?"

"He's probably a few days behind, " Garrett said. "Listen, I'm a bit tired. Would you mind if I found a place to sleep for the night? I can answer any questions you have in the morning."

"You stay here. Safe. Soft bed. Not prisoner, but free."

"No, " Garrett smiled. "I don't think so. A gentleman such as myself needs a finer place…so…if you'll excuse me." He then turned to Simon. "Where do you recommend?"

"Hold it, " Ograk snarled. "Good bed cost lots. Yer' clothes fancy; you have good money?"

Garrett eyed her, skeptically, glanced at Simon, who was on the verge of laughter, and then looked back to Ograk with a puzzled look. "Does it matter? I can certainly afford an inn."

"Oh?" she almost smiled, or at least smiled as much as a half-orc could. "You pretty, fight good, and have money?"

That was it. Simon lost his composure. Ograk laughed, too. Garrett looked horrified; the implications became evident; the orc was on the prowl.

"I'll come back tomorrow then, " Garrett said and slinked outside.

Ograk chased after him and grabbed his elbow with her meaty paw. "'Ey! I think you make good husband. You miss out, not date half-orc."

"I'm flattered, really, but I have a love interested back in Fargo, " he lied.

"Ah, pretty boy like you make it with pretty elf, right? Elf not rough in bed like half-orc. I give ride like miner's cart bouncing down tracks."

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