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   Chapter 2 No.2

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"We'll rest here a bit, eh?" Simon asked while sliding off his horse. He then extended his hand to assist Garrett, who plunked down on his good leg. "Easy does it."

"I'm fine, really, " Garrett smiled and checked on Lola.

He slowly rotated her ankle. She whinnied and that made him wince. Garrett stood and patted his mount. When he turned to speak to Simon, he noticed the fellow had half hidden himself behind a rather large boulder; he was urinating.

Morning light started revealing ominous shapes in the surroundings. The mountains were the most prevalent; jagged shapes reaching towards the Heavens. The brownish road was also quite visible against the dark green of the northern wild lands. There were many meadows and areas full of thickets, bushes, grasses, and flowers, all around Talsador. While the sun cut through gray clouds and shadows from the western pines crept across the road, Simon finished his business and smiled.

"All that bouncing around gets to me."

"Yes, " Garrett sighed. "Listen, you should ride ahead and talk to your captain about these bats."

Simon frowned, readjusted his helmet, and dusted off his trousers. "Naw', mate. It's you I'm worried over. You're injured, and so is your horse. We'll get there soon enough."

Garrett gave a weak smile and nodded. The truth was that he was worried for Simon. Strange things were happening. Just the two of us, and in my condition, we can't handle any kind of sinister assault.

"Right. Guess I should pee before we go."

Simon chuckled. While Garrett stood behind a bush, the guard took some dried fruit from the saddle bags. The fencer came back, saw the food, and thought it best to eat as well, if quickly. He took his pack from Lola, rooted through it, and found some sweet rolls.

"Let's not waste too much time, " Simon advised.

"Eat and ride, " Garrett agreed between bites.

They munched, drank from canteens, and got back on the horse towards Talsador. The area was actually exquisite, especially when the sun came up. Their position relative to the mountain kept the road mostly shaded, which made for a peaceful ride. Little puffs of brown dust blew out from beneath hooves. The grasses were yellowing from a lack of water, but the bushes were thriving. Intermixed within the meadows were large, sandy colored stones. They obviously had fallen from the mountains ages prior and rolled out into the open. The squirrels and birds loved them; they provided an excellent view of predator and prey.

"So, this Captain Ograk, that's an orcish name, right, " Garrett asked.

Birds whistled and chirped. The buzzing of cicadas from th

e far off wood line was so loud that it was audible from their position over a mile to the south. Both riders turned their attention to the beauty of the countryside.

"That's right, " Simon finally said. "She's a half-orc though, so…you know, she's civilized and all."

Garrett chuckled, "Orcs don't usually make captain."

"No. Orcs never have the patience, the understanding, or the cunning required to make such rank. They're best at smashing and raiding, but Ograk's a fine lass, and smart, too."

Garrett nodded to himself, squinting at the swaying foliage in the distance. He caught glimpses of small houses; rangers' homes or perhaps hunting lodges. They came to a stop once more. It had been a few hours, and rears were growing sore.

"This is a good spot, " Simon said. He had pulled into a sort of crescent concavity at the mountain's foot. "This area here was cut out by miners many years ago. Do you know about Talsador?"

"I do, " Garrett smiled. He scrutinized the area. Sandy walls protected them on three sides, and the east and west walls sloped down into the meadow towards the road. There was no entrance into the mountain there, which Garrett knew meant that the miners had sampled the rock and found it poor in whatever mineral they were seeking. "I have been to Talsador on a few occasions."

"Oh? What's brought you back?"

Garrett checked Lola, took more food, plopped down, rested his back, and finally revealed that he was meeting up with a friend on their way to Xorinth. Simon was intrigued. Under the light of day, the guard removed his helmet. He was a young man, tanned, with dark hair. Some scruff was growing on his face and throat.

"What's in Xorinth, " Simon asked, unable to hold back his curiosity.

"I have research to do."

"Are you a scholar? You don't look like a scholar, " the guard rubbed his chin and tried to get a good read on his compatriot. He was wearing nice clothes, if dirtied from recent events, too nice for travel, and he looked smart. Making eye contact, Simon realized the absurdity of his observations. "You must be one of them traveling scholars, the ones that do research for rich people and bring back information."

Garrett laughed, loudly, and that shocked Simon. "Not quite, friend." The fencer took a moment to settle down. "The research is for myself."

Simon nodded indifferently. After a moment of politeness, he stood and motioned to get back to the road. Once more, they trotted down the path, which quickly turned into up the path, as they climbed a slight, but very long incline. At the peak of the hill, the glory of Talsador came into view.

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