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   Chapter 9 No.9

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Trouble in Atjibur By AaronDennis Characters: 5142

Updated: 2017-12-29 12:02

"Hey, " Garrett called out.

"Your weapons are useless, " Larson said. He cleaved one leg the width of a fence post with his axe, and the Dude severed another when the remaining two legs vanished into the black hole in the ground. "What the?"

More debris fell into the hole. Larson and the Dude eyed each other then turned back to the others and followed them through more corridors.

"What's going on, " Garrett asked in shock.

"I don't know, but if I had to guess, " Larson trailed off.

"A giant, giant spider?"


Shaking their heads in dismay, the group of warriors made it all the way back to the roughly hewn portion of the cave, and finally back to the area with the enormous pit. There, the gargantuan beast crept from the pit. Like its kin, it was a green and black monstrosity, but perhaps ten times their size; there was no getting around it, and to make matters worse, it spat a voluminous glob of green goo at the gang. They dove in different directions.

"It's never simple is it?" Larson griped.

"By Fanfer's hairy balls, " Seanessy choked.

Garrett had nothing to say and instead sent swirling balls of fire at the beast. It deftly hopped to the side, but with two, mangled forelegs, its charge was slow and bulky.

"Take out the legs, " Garrett ordered and flailed his torch about. "I'll hold its attention!"

Running in circles, diving behind stalagmites, and shooting more magick, Garrett kept it busy enough for the others to close in. Larson slashed one leg, took a kick from another stum

or and proceeded to rub a good hunk of sticky mess into the dwarf's beard. "That ain't right, " Seanessy huffed. "That ain't right, lad."

"Let's go, " Larson moaned.

The weary group trudged out of the caves of Atjibur to finally witness the early morning's sunlight. For a moment, they just breathed in the air. Then, Larson approached the Dude and slapped him hard in the back of his head. It made his yellow hair bounce.


"That's what you get, " Larson screamed, pointing. "That's what you get for making us go through that whole disaster, you, you, you…."

"Idiot?" Garrett offered.

"Worse, " Larson said, emphatically.

"Poo face, " Seanessy said, nodding.

They all chuckled. "I know, I know, " the Dude conceded. "I just care about my mom."

Larson sighed. "I get that…after all, I'm looking for my dad and brother, but you can't go off on your own, kid."

"Let's ride back to town and get checked out, " Garrett suggested. "We can see that apothecary who's been helping Darrell's mom."

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