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   Chapter 7 No.7

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Trouble in Atjibur By AaronDennis Characters: 5677

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"If I'm right, we're directly below the altar. Both ways should take us to the same place."

Larson veered off to the right without waiting for approval. The others followed, and when they took the stairs all the way up, they found themselves at the back end of what looked like a temple, judging by the green and black tapestries, the pews, shining candles, and especially the numerous figures clad in white robes, all of whom turned to acknowledge the warriors.

"Infiltrators, " one of the robed figures screamed and pointed a bony finger.

Wide eyed, Larson gripped his axe. He wasn't sure if a fight was erupting until the robed figures, who had their cowls up, drew swords. Receiving his cue, the fighter charged in, cleaved through the midsection of the closest attacker, and pushed to the center of the room, between ornate pylons and wooden pews.

Seanessy shoved beyond Garrett and the Dude before smashing out the knees of a robed figure. A few, blue, magick arrows impacted upon his scaled armor, forcing the dwarf to the ground. Garrett jumped over him, and noticing that two figures at the front end of the hall of worship were chanting and moving their hands rapidly, he let loose balls of fire. To his chagrin, the magick fizzled out against a barrier of yellowish energy that appeared only once the fireballs came within range of dealing damage. Whomever it was that they were fighting seemed mages advanced enough in the art of magick that they had mastered magickal barriers.

"Don't just stand there, Dude, " Garrett chastised. "Work your way to the mages and kill them."

The Dude's pallor drained from his face. He had never killed a person before, and he wasn't sure i

was smashing his head into the ground. Since the blow knocked the assailant off of Larson, Garrett darted to the other end of the room to send another fireball. The magick sailed right over Seanessy's head.

"Thanks, laddie, " the dwarf cheered, smashed out the brains of a cultist, and launched himself at the only, remaining survivor, the red sheened man. "Eat steel, ya' prick!"

The man allowed the hammer to strike his hip. It didn't seem to have any effect. He drew back his cowl to reveal an aged face. The cultist was an old man, scarred and gaunt, but he advanced like a wolverine, and took Seanessy to the ground. The Dude capitalized. He ran over, moved in behind the old man, and struck him across the back of the head. The blow cut skin, and knocked him off Seanessy, but it didn't kill him. He turned around to reach for the Dude when Larson finally managed to his feet.

Dazed, but not beaten, the fighter maneuvered his hands through the cultist's arms and wrapped his fingers behind the man's head in a full nelson. Since Larson was nearly six inches taller, he forced the man to hunch over by taking a knee.

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