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   Chapter 6 No.6

The Adventures of Larson and Garrett - Trouble in Atjibur By AaronDennis Characters: 5123

Updated: 2017-12-29 12:02

Unable to take the smell, Larson stood, marched over to the dwarf, kicked the torch away, slapped the rat out of his hand, and yelled while pointing, "Eat normal! Eat something normal!"

The ire and surprise on the dwarf's face was priceless. Eventually, Seanessy settled for some of Larson's smoked meat. Garrett was enjoying himself immensely with current company.

"So, I have to ask…when we were fighting those spiders, " Garrett said.

"Yes, " Larson asked.

"How far do you think you tossed Seanessy?"

Larson rubbed the aching back of his head. He thought for a moment. He squinted, stroked his beard, frowned, and finally shrugged.

"Gee…I don't know, " he conceded. "How far do you think I threw you?"

"A solid, fifty paces fer' certain, " the dwarf cheered.

"Nooo, " Garrett mused. "Fifty dwarven paces, maybe, thirty human paces, I'd say."

Larson and Seanessy nodded to each other. "That's probably the farthest a dwarf has ever been tossed, " Larson remarked.

"I saw a little guy get thrown at least twice that far, " the Dude interjected.

Looks of skepticism went around. "By whom, when, an' where?" Seanessy demanded.

"I don't know, " the Dude said. "It was a long time ago. You wouldn't know those guys…."

"We may have to make something of this at some point—dwarf tossing—see how it's best done, you know?" Garrett suggested.

"Let's just get the Hell out of here for now, " Larson grumbled.

"Alright, alright, " Garrett smiled. "Seanessy…you heard him."


Begrudgingly, t

g sound of spiders. Larson tapped Garrett and motioned with his nose to press forwards. Garrett nodded.

"What is it?" the Dude whispered.

No one answered. At a steady pace, they walked beyond new torches in sconces. Garrett lit them as they progressed. Before long, they came upon another arched entryway with similar runes as the first entry. The etching was sublime if disconcerting. At the apex of the arch was the symbol of a spider. Larson stared at it. If these are White Wraith markings, does that mean they had something to do with spiders? I thought they worshipped Golguhaar, God of Destruction….

"I said, we should get a move on, " Garrett said, drawing Larson from reverie.


Beyond the arch was a juncture. Each end of the juncture was visible, and both the left end and the right end had stairs going up that seemed to cut at a ninety degree angle towards whatever mystery lay above them. Garrett checked his map.

"Which way, " Seanessy asked. "They both smell like victory ta' me."

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